Chris Brown Still Thinks Women Are Hoes

Normally when I think of Chris Brown I think “that guy who beat up his girlfriend.” My second reaction used to be “I think he’s also a musician.” But now, my second reaction is “and the guy who thinks a good fat stripper name is Sloppy Hoe.” First off, Sloppy Hoe isn’t that good, so, just points off for creativity there. I like Ore”hoe a little more, but that’s not the point.

In case you’re not on Twitter every single second, FatStripperNames is a trending topic. Chris Brown is really, really into it.

Now, normally, that wouldn’t strike me as that big a deal. Yes, the idea of coming up with fat stripper names is a little  offensive to begin with, but it mostly seems to just be people making up silly rhymes. I’m sure if Ian McKellen was sitting around coming up with FatStripperNames this post would be all about how hilarious that was (it’s funny because Gandalf The Grey + any kind of strippers + “you shall not pass!” = instant hilarity).

But when one of the first things people associate with you is “wife beater, has no respect for women” you might want to lay off the ore”hoes.  Really, it’s probably a good idea not to refer to women as “hoes” for, say, the rest of your career. Yes, even if you’re only joking.

Or, at the very least, don’t do it more than once. He has 22 suggestions as I’m typing this. Here are some of our least favorite of Chris Brown’s tweet’s thus far:

(Here, Chris is most likely referring to Dicken’s “Little Dorrit” a classic tale of greed and desire, because no one would just tack “hoe” onto ever junk food ending with “o” right?)

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    • Sugarblind

      Like anyone actually believed he’d changed. Please. Men like Chris Brown do. not. change.

      • Shemaine Assanah

        I think most of u who talk down chris should stop and listen to yourself ,had u been in his shoes would u want anyone to do that to u?I guess not, so like so one said stop being a hypocrite,and stop being judgemental,i might not know the guy but i think that he is a really nice guy.

    • disappointed

      Why waste time posting such foolishness on here? Who cares what he’s tweeting? Also, the title of your post totally misses the mark of his tweet. You’d lead people to believe that he made a statement saying all women are hoes or something. Clearly, he’s playing around with a trending topic. He’s done enough damage…no need to find senseless things to post. You sound like a hypocrite. Honestly, I’m surprised to see such content coming from this site.

      • non

        yeah if i came here to read quality articles … well, wait no, i would never do that. this site is purely for random entertainment purposes… not actual reliable news.

    • Really

      Oh please with this misleading article. It’s clear and obvious you are just finding any reason to harp on the guy. So now he’s out right calling women “hoes” because he is playing around with the trending topic, like 90% of the rest of twitter? Save your foolishness. Not even a fan but leave the kid alone and let him breathe.

    • ashmoth

      can we please start a twitter trend of Dickens’ stripper names?

      • Jennifer Wright

        “Miss Mowcher”. From David Copperfield. Miss Have-his-ham?

      • Eileen

        There’s gotta be a good play on “Lucie Manette,” right? Perhaps “Lets-you-see Tout-le-monde,” to use her husband’s real surname? Or maybe I’m just pathetic.

    • hahahah

      this bitch sounds like an angry cunt hating on chris :) LOL

    • sheila

      Well if you ask ME…if you a stripper you deserved to be called a HOE

    • Anon

      About 99% of the comments so far seem to be defending him. What?! Do you all have the hots for this guy? I’m with you, Jennifer. The first thing I think of when I hear his name is what he did. Did you all not see the pictures of her? You ladies are so silly.

      • Eileen

        People aren’t defending him for what he did to Rihanna; they’re saying that the article title is misleading. I don’t have to “have the hots for this guy” to think that making up silly stripper names is not the same as thinking that all women are “hos.”

    • Marie

      @LED people always want to bring up casey anthony but she was found NOT guilty can the same be said for chris brown yea I don’t so. He is a convicted woman beater and a ticking time bomb. It’s a matter of time before he beats another young woman. He needs to grow up and his fans can make excuse all they want. But the maimstrem media will have nothing to do with this punk. Which is why he won’t get invited to the Grammy’s and the AMA’s. His wack album has yet to sell a million and he is banned from touring in Europe. Mistakes we all make but there are consequences for your actions. If a regular guy beat his girlfriend like chris beat rihamna he would have served some jail time no doubt what makes chris brown any different?

    • Allen

      Also, in case you didn’t know, he still refers to women as “hoes” in songs.

      For instance:
      “Boatload of them Asian hoes”

      This guy is just plain ignorant.

      • kitty

        its funny cos his current girlfriend (karrueche tran if you don’t know her) is half vietnamese :’)