• Fri, Sep 10 2010

Video: Kitty vs. Cherry Garcia

Why isn’t a pint of ice cream ever enough? Especially when it’s Cherry Garcia?

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  • non

    that cat is going to or had horrible indigestion i’m sure. what a mean thing to do to a cat o.O really, they aren’t supposed to eat human food. give the cat some tuna for goodness sake >.<

    • Alex

      Tuna is just as bad it causes yellow fat disease and blindness.

  • Alexandra

    Wow you just want the cat to get sick huh? You dont feed cats dairy products, everyone knows that.

  • Some dude

    Chocolate fudge is toxic to cats. That means it’s going to attempt to breakdown his liver i.e. abdominal pain. The high fructose corn syrup and dairy will be difficult for poor old kitty to digest and will cause them pain as well. Let’s hang out sometime and I’ll put your head in a box and let you lick Windex and Draino. Also: flip flops are never stylish, not even if you are at the beach.

  • amanda

    you guys need to relax.licking a bowl clean is not going to kill a cat or cause any problems.lighten up <3

  • non

    didn’t say excess of tuna, just as a treat. sheesh. and yes a bowl licking of chocolate will make a cat sick. it is cruel. period.

  • Sarah

    You guys who are saying about making the cat sick realize that that pint container is clean, right? There is no icecream nor chocolate left. It’s been washed. It’s like watching a cat in a box… only an ice cream container.