Mildred Pierce Is Coming

Now, you might say “Mildred Pierce already came.” And I would say “your double enterndres are a little too predictable.” But also accurate, because the Joan Crawford version of Mildred Pierce came out in 1945 (and it is fantastic). Now it’s being remade as a 7 part mini-series on HBO starring Kate Winslet. Do we think it will hold up to the original? No. Will we still be watching it? Umm, of course. The Vampire Queen of Louisiana is in it.

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    • Brandi

      Wow.. Mildred Pierce was such a great film. Part of what made it great was the 40s melodrama that it exploited and thrived in. Without that, I doubt the remake will be able to live up to the original. I also wonder if Kate Winslet can portray the raw power of Joan Crawford. Those are BIG shoulder pads to fill.