Loft Sent Boots!

For free! In the mail! For not apparent reason! Thank you Loft! So, I now think that Loft and all their many stores are the sun and the moon and all the stars in the firmament. They are my working week, my Sunday rest. They are my most favorite clothing store. I will shop there every fucking day forever.They have my seal of approval. Shop there for all your shopping needs even if your shopping needs don’t require clothing.

Seriously, I really do like these boots. I like them so much I’m refraining from making a Derek Blasberg joke.They’re called Peter over the Knee Riding Boots, and I think I’ll probably wear them all the time this fall.

In conclusion: Loft, you rock. Thanks.

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    • Pamela Walker

      Looking for Peter over the knee boots, saw them on a girl in Boise, Idaho and fell in love with them Loft say’s they have no more any idea’s where I can find some?? Thanks