8 Beauty Tips from ‘Jersey Shore’

Jersey Shore, also known as the best show on television, has taught me new vocabulary (grenade, smush, DTF) in addition to important lessons about life. And now they’ve taught me about beauty. Let me impart the wisdom on you.

[All images via WENN.]

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    • Amber

      Don’t forget “T-shirt Time” Wearing a “wife beater” before you change into your going out clothes. Kind of brilliant.

    • Maria

      The last thing I want to do while having sex is grab a dry ass. Thanks Snooki.

    • bern

      uhh whose the red head?

      • Lilit Marcus

        She’s Phoebe Price, an actress who DListed.com has nicknamed “Chicken Cutlets.” I guess it was kind of a bad joke, because not everyone reads the same websites as me.

      • Elle

        It was a fantastic joke! Everyone who doesn’t read DListed should start, because it, too, is fantastic.

    • RJB

      Yes! T-Shirt Time is important… can’t believe it was overlooked.

    • Lilit Marcus

      RJB and Amber, you are both correct that The Shirt Before The Shirt is extremely important. However, I think it falls under fashion more than beauty, which is why I didn’t include it here.

    • Nina

      I”ve actually just started watching Jersey Shore – it’s awesome, I’ve got two and a half seasons to power through – but I’ve just watched the episode with Snooki’s ‘mother’ and refuse to believe they’re actually related.