Product of the Day: Terra Firma ‘Stacked’ Mascara

I’m super fickle when it comes to beauty products, especially mascara. But Terra Firma’s Stacked mascara manages to combine most of the things I love into one product – it has a huge wand, lasts a long time, and doesn’t clump. Plus, the mascara is fortified with vitamins and minerals, so I feel slightly less guilty about not taking my One A Day for the last month.

If only it came with a pony, it would be the best makeup ever. But I’ll have to live with having majorly sexy eyelashes instead. Oh, the humanity.

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    • ariel

      I’m intrigued. I use the Bare essentials one that has the vitamin ineral thing going too. I swear it helps-my lashes are longer and fuller. Crazy. And I don’t feel bad when leaving it on overnight by drunken accident. But I’m always in for a new product…

    • Chelsie

      Is it pretty smudge proof? I use 100% pure and though I love it, I find it smudges super easily.