Jewish Silly Bandz Knockoffs Come In a Dollar Sign Shape

As Silly Bandz continue to be hugely popular, they’re getting knocked off left and right. A company called Benny’s Educational Toys is selling a Jewish-themed line of bracelets called JewlyBandz. Like Meshuga Bandz, JewlyBandz come in shapes like a menorah. However, they also come in another shape – a dollar bill symbol. Because Jews love money, you guys! I’m so glad there’s an educational toy that points that out!

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    • porkchop

      Maybe they are just honoring the great Jewish banking tradition. There could could be teen Lehmans, Goldmans, Sachs, Rothschilds, Seligmans and Gugguenheims proudly accessorizing with novelty dollar signs right now… (seriously, they should have made a rubber band shaped like the Torah)

    • c.cameron

      I guess this set is supposed to be Hanukkah themed, and the dollar sign is supposed to be a cash gift.

      Although now that I know they come in themed sets, I’m a little worried about the upcoming “Bris set.”

    • Steve

      Its Chanukah Gelt

      • Lilit Marcus

        Gelt is round coins. Or maybe I just had stingy grandparents.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      Yeah, no, you guys, there’s no excuse for this. It’s not gelt (unless I, too, and all my other Jewish friends had cheap relatives) and even if it’s supposed to be a symbol of a gift, it’s in incredibly poor taste. I also looked at it as “Jews love money! And dreidels! And things shaped like shields!” I’d say this should be rethought and remade.

    • Benjamin Keren

      My name is Benjamin Keren, and I am the owner of Benny’s Educational Toys – The “Jewish School Supply Company”.
      You have posted, on your site, a blog/article about our company, accusing it of being anti-Semitic. The post is related our Jewelybandz.
      In one of the sets of those bands – the one for Chanukah – among other items there is a Dollar Sign.
      Somebody decided to make a bad joke out of this. Sure – Jews are all about Money. It has since spiraled on the internet and sites all over are showing how “Benny’s Educational Toys” is anti-Semitic.
      Well, kindly let me try to educate you a little. The dollar sign in the set is there to symbolize the “Chanukah-Gelt” – which is an old Jewish tradition. During Chanukah Jewish children all over the world are given coins or chocolate coins (to symbolize the real coins). The Dollar sign in the set comes to remind us of that. By the way, they were created by Rabby Moshe Rabin. Maybe it is not the best choice, but this is what the manufacturer chose for that symbol (probably if he would have tried to show coins it would just be a round silly band – and that would defeat the purpose).
      In my view it is in the eye of the beholder – whatever he or she chooses to associate with any symbol. You could argue that Jews have an “Alcohol Problem” because one of the symbols for Shabbat, Passover and basically any Jewish holiday is a Wine Bottle and a Wine Cup (Kiddush Cup).
      I am a Jew, and I was born in Vienna – Austria, where I lived until I was 11. I can tell you that as a little Jewish boy growing up there, even the word “Jew” or “JUDE” in German, was associated with something negative (maybe in a similar way as the “N” word in the US). At age of 11 I moved to Israel, and lived most of my life there. I live in the US for 15 years now, and I think that here we are far beyond that. However, people that have something against Jews will find any reason to sound off their view, with or without those “Silly Bandz”. They are called “Silly” for a reason.
      I started my business 14 years ago, constantly promoting Jewish Education and Israel. I have worked 12 of those years out of our basement and Garage (The American Dream) and moved to a small warehouse 2 years ago. The business is not much of a financial venture, truly we hardly make a living, but I enjoy every day, because it is my baby and because I feel that I am on some kind of mission.
      What offends me most is that I got lots of hate emails through my website and eventually the site crashed – mostly from fellow Jews who did not even bother to check who they are attacking.
      I think, that as Jews, we should be more careful especially during the days of atonement, between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, during which our good deeds and bad deeds are counted and weighed. To brand a company as mine as anti-Semitic is just mean-spirited. I invite you to log onto our website (if it is not down because of hacking) and see for yourself how “anti-Semitic” it is.
      Maybe, realizing your mistake, you would post my reply, so people can judge for themselves.

      Shana Tova
      Benjamin Keren
      Benny’s Educational Toys

    • Wendy has a Torah shaped Silly Band. It looks like they gave a lot more thought into their designs for the Jewish folks.

    • Stan

      You made a serious error in judgment. It is in very poor taste, and while you claim that, “it is in the eye of the beholder,” racial/ethnic/gender/class stereotyping is not in the eye of the beholder, no. While your lapse in judgment might have been unintentional and in good faith, it was a serious lapse–one your company must pay for. You should apologize rather than make excuses.

    • Jewish Gifts Girl

      Oy vey, Lilit. Can I shamelessly plug that has Jewish silly bands without dollar signs?

    • Sarah Moscovitch

      Lilit – Did you notice that you were writing about a Hannuka Set and not a Jewish Symbol set. During Hannuka Money “Gelt” is given to children.

      • Lilit Marcus

        Sarah, if you read the comments on this post, I understand that the dollar sign was supposed to represent gelt. I know what gelt is, and I also know that it’s round and looks like a coin. While I understand why the designer might have chosen a dollar sign to represent gelt, I think that it was a poor choice and didn’t translate well.

    • Sarah Moscovitch

      By the way – They actually have 8 other Jewish Holiday Sets and a “Jewish Symbol” set on their web-site Those come without a Dollar Sign!

    • Jewish FriendFinder

      These are very cool. I am going to order a set of these and show them to all my friends at