Gallery: Things We Should Be Obsessed With That Aren’t Justin Bieber

Bieber Fever. Blech.

I’m not one of those anti-Justin Bieber people. I’m more of a “he looks just like my 13-year-old cousin (or vice-versa) and he has an affectation so he’s pretty much a fake” kind of person. I’m sure he’s a nice young boy when he’s not throwing water balloons at the police. But that’s the point. He’s a young boy. He has a lot of growing up to do, voice changing to go through, girls to actually date and he will probably be a Proactiv spokesperson in five years. So, I’ll judge him once he’s had his “I was a child star” crisis at 23 and put him on a scale of Recovered to Corey Feldman (loosely based off the recovery of the Backstreet Boys).

It’s you I’m judging. Yes, you. The one obsessed with Justin Bieber. Stop it! I don’t care if you’re a 12-year-old girl or a 50-year-old man. Just. Stop. Pining. Over. This. Kid. Please. Thank you. There’s nothing wrong with being a crazy fan every once in a while. I myself went nuts during Fashion’s Night Out when I made sure the only place and person I looked at the whole night was Rachel Zoe’s loyal and wildly entertaining style director, Brad Goreski. And that’s what I did. It may be weird and creepy, but he’s fascinating and hilarious and beautiful. And it was just once. More than once or thrice surpasses the creepy line and verges into unhealthy, insane and, well, stupid. So, I’m going to help you get over him by offering you all sorts of extraordinary things to be obsessed with that are more acceptable than Justin Bieber.

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    • Mysterio

      I’m obsessed with you Jillian Engel!

    • obsessed

      i am obsessed with justin bieber and i have tried everything to stop it, i just cant, im so crazy! thank you anyway, but i dont no what it is, hes just a boy to you. i dont like his music one bit, i dont really like his rudeness. but he has everything in common with me and its so hard to believe and i do believe THAT DREAMS DO COME TRUE!:D

    • nolalola27

      I love bizarre animals, space, and rugby is just hot. I am into boys my own age to have sex with, but not obsessed. I’m obsessed with..nothing, really. I can not stand Justin Bieber though.

    • A traumitized 10 year old girl.

      I am not obbsessed with Justin Beiber. He sings like a 12 year old girl who hasn’t gone through puburty. AND how dare you post something like that tagged with a picture of a darling kitty! May I say pervert?! Also, my 9 your old brother saw it too and has no intention of becoming gay and “doing it” with his buddies. Neither do I. Poor us… :( By the way, I have a cat who right now is sleeping in a dreser, rolled over and she is an angel of innocence, and cats or even pictures of cats should not be used to represent that! Me and my family only clicked on this because we thought we could cure my 8 yr. old friends.. How icky. P.S. JB also looks like a 12 yr. old girl also!

      • Rose

        You seriously need to calm down and please learn how to spell or at least utilize spell check. Most web browsers have them.

        You’re ten to boot, really could you please grow up a bit and then comment. This is certainly more for people who are older and yet still obsessed with Justin Beiber. Calm down Madam Traumatized.

        On an unrelated note, this was epic. Certainly a good read.

    • Becky

      They did a follow up on Allison – she’s doing great and looks amazing.

    • Heather

      I am pretty positive that Justin Bieber is already a Proactive spokesperson.

    • yusra

      l love justin bieber canyoukom too swedan

    • me

      like she said dont be obbsessed and i love the idea of him getting what he gave
      out a torn up dream he likes the fact that every girl in th world think about and cries because they dont have him and dont love him if he dates you youll be hated all ur life

    • dude

      I love JB!!!! I’m gonna marry him one day even though I’m 50 year old dude!! can’t wait for that moment!!

    • Pathetic

      With all the topics available to write about these days you chose to write about Justin beiber? Looks like you’re gonna be an intern for a long time Jillian…what a useless waste of words this is