• Thu, Sep 16 2010

Grrr Friend: The Pep Talk

Ever since Ben quit his job to become a cartoonist, he’s been wondering if he made the right call. Luckily, his girlfriend Meredith is always there with a pep talk.

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  • Elle

    Is there a reason the girlfriend is depicted as a 5 year old girl in these things? I can’t tell if it’s pedophiliac fantasies or just good ol’ fashioned infantilization of women.

    • nolalola27

      It seems, reading most of his comics about “Grr – friend,” that he is trying to impress upon us that she is both childish and bitchy. Everyone knows those are the main 2 qualities all women have in common, right? Oh, us women.

    • Ben

      Why can’t it be both?

    • doc-m

      Maybe he’s just real tall? (look at that chair)

    • Alex

      Maybe Mer is just short?

  • Lis

    I figured she is one of those short and super-feisty chicks, while he is a tall and lanky guy.

  • Emily

    I don’t like to be mean, but I really don’t like this strip. I find it trite, simplistic and a little bit sexist. Worse, it’s just not funny. Can’t we stick to smart funny women like Allie Brosh? Or check out my fellow Canadian, Kate Beaton at http://www.harkavagrant.com

    Seriously, The Gloss can do a lot better than this.