Grrr Friend: The Pep Talk

Ever since Ben quit his job to become a cartoonist, he’s been wondering if he made the right call. Luckily, his girlfriend Meredith is always there with a pep talk.

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    • Elle

      Is there a reason the girlfriend is depicted as a 5 year old girl in these things? I can’t tell if it’s pedophiliac fantasies or just good ol’ fashioned infantilization of women.

      • nolalola27

        It seems, reading most of his comics about “Grr – friend,” that he is trying to impress upon us that she is both childish and bitchy. Everyone knows those are the main 2 qualities all women have in common, right? Oh, us women.

      • Ben

        Why can’t it be both?

      • doc-m

        Maybe he’s just real tall? (look at that chair)

      • Alex

        Maybe Mer is just short?

    • Lis

      I figured she is one of those short and super-feisty chicks, while he is a tall and lanky guy.

    • Emily

      I don’t like to be mean, but I really don’t like this strip. I find it trite, simplistic and a little bit sexist. Worse, it’s just not funny. Can’t we stick to smart funny women like Allie Brosh? Or check out my fellow Canadian, Kate Beaton at

      Seriously, The Gloss can do a lot better than this.