Gag Me With a Speidi

Could anything be less attractive than Spencer Pratt? Honestly — even without knowing what kind of (horrible, controlling, pube-faced) human being he is, he’s just so incredibly unappealing to look at. And this picture of him about to get kissed by anyone is making my stomach turn.

Heidi, you are better than this. Really.

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    • mark

      In England there used to be a saying; “Prat by name prat by nature”. This has 2 meanings the first is a fool, idiot etc so when you do something foolish you have made a prat of yourself also used in comedy as pratfall. The second meaning is rather more vulger, a certain part of a womans anatomy (think b. spears et. al. and no underwear). so when you say spenser is a complete prat it could be either meaning or both. your choice.

    • Alix

      ha ha, no she isn’t.

    • mark

      Like I said prat by name prat by nature and lets face it she’s gone from heidi montag (monday in german). To heidi prat (cunt in english vulgar slang) and if she is so unaware she deserves everything that happens to her good and bad, and as long as she continues to associate with that pathetic excuse for a man it will mostly be bad. Grow up heidi act your age not your shoe size