• Fri, Sep 17 2010

Why Does a Yellow Submarine Stroller Need to Exist?

I mean, unless you are the child or grandchild of a Beatle there is just no excuse for this.

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  • Cayla

    Well, ma’am, I simply disagree. That looks fucking awesome. And that is an excuse in and of itself.

  • Saffa

    I think it looks awesome as well. Thank God my child is way past the stroller stage, plus she is a girl who is way into her pruples and pinks, but I can see myself pushing this with pride!

  • Emily

    I can’t lie, I’m thinking about becoming pregnant just so I can get one!


  • Jacy

    totally disagree with the writer of this entry. Obviously you are not a big beatles fan! This stroller is bomb-diggity

  • Minks

    I disagree as well. I’ve got a two year old who is obsessed with the Beatles. What are ya gonna do, it’s cooler than Cailou.

  • jennimae

    I too disagree… If it weren’t for a Beatle-hating husband I’d already own one! It’s a conversation starter and a way to celebrate your style – why not?!?