What Does a Blogger Dress Like?

According to Modcloth.com, a blogger (at least a female one) wears a pinafore-style babydoll dress in beige with gray buttons. We’re also apparently called “blog writers.” I informally polled some “blog writer” ladies I know to see if this dress (pictured) matched up with their usual attire. I asked them each two questions – “would you wear the dress?” and “what do you usually wear to blog?”

Valerie Marino, Triangle Music:

Is that a hipster muumuu?

I wouldn’t say I have a blogging dress code. It’s usually whatever I already happen to be wearing. So sometimes it’s pajamas, sometimes it’s jeans or a dress. I think you’d have to have a pretty successful blog to be sporting a $132 dress as your blogging uniform.

Maura Johnston, The Awl:

No, that sort of waist is super-unflattering on me, although not as unflattering as the suggested styling in the blurb. Also – meeting your readers for cupcakes? Vom.

I do wear dresses a lot – housedressy things. I also try to shower.

Kelsey Keith, Architizer


I typically wear a similar uniform of “short” and “black” to work. And dresses because they are roomy (my favorite high-waisted jeans morph into my least favorite high-waisted jeans after nine hours in a desk chair). Modcloth makes a distinction between blog writer and blog editor, and I would totally wear this dress.

Izzy Grinspan, Racked NY

I love a good babydoll dress, but I think the color pushes it a little too far into nightgown territory.  As a pale, short person, I’m afraid it would make me look like some sort of Victorian orphan.

At home, I do sometimes work in leggings and whatever top I wore to bed — the Eater Shitshow Week T-shirt and the Alexa Chung/Madewell “hello” bat shirt have been two recent favorites — but I find that I’m way more productive when I’m dressed like a person with a job.  At the office, I’m usually pretty casual.  The fun thing about being a fashion writer in a non-fashion company is that you can show up one day in platform heels and one day in flip-flops and nobody will judge you either way.

Megan Carpentier, Talking Points Memo

No way, Jose. I have standards.

From home? Strictly pajamas/yoga pants and a tank top or T-shirt. I work in an office now, so we’re fairly casual Fridays around here, but when it’s not hot I try to dress it up a little.

Susannah Breslin, The Frisky

No! I think it’s fug. And frumpy.

I prefer yoga pants and a wife beater.

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    • Kate!

      I blog naked.

    • Tiffany

      I am a blog writer. I would wear this if I were on Little House On The Prairie.

      Modcloth, please give your copywriter a good talking to.

    • rachelkramerbussel

      What’s funny is that I love ModCloth but almost never read the actual copy on the titles, though I do own and love to wear the Journalism Dress (http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Womens/Journalism+Dress). No, this one doesn’t scream “blogger” or anything to me really but while I don’t blog FT, I do wear dresses almost every day. But to me “blogger” is just as abstract a term as “woman” – we all like/feel comfortable in different things.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      It’s a really good day if I change out of my pajamas before I start blogging.

    • xt

      how the hell is this dress frumpy and fug but a wife beater and yoga pants isn’t???

    • Andie Reid

      Good godamighty would you STOP with the empire waist? It makes all women look pregnant and fluffy women look like freaking parade floats. The waist is one of the most beautiful things about a woman. Why hide it?

    • Scribbling Dame

      Of course I wear this dress to blog! Then I go have tea with my auntie and submit to an arranged marriage while accounting for all of my secret desires in a diary that will then be made into a Jane Austen type BBC film which will then be turned into a Jane Austen with Zombies and Vampires book. If I didn’t wear this dress, none of that other stuff would happen.

    • Amelia

      I blog in jeans and a t-shirt.
      My blog name?? ComfyDenim.
      See?? It totally works.

    • gharbutts

      this dress could be super cute if it had a defined waistline. fashion fail.

    • Laura Adams

      I’ve been blogging for over 10 years (currently: The Village Thinker), and I never had the urge to wear my great-grandmother’s housedress to blog in, or meet my readers for cupcakes in. And the thought of putting a fitted blazer over a dress like that is a confusing one. No. Heck No. The cupcake part sounds good, though.

    • Sivan

      I prefer to blog in pajamas as well. I do own a beige empire waist dress/shirt with buttons. I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged in it, but isn’t the mere fact that I’m a blogger and own something that can be referred to as a blogger dress a little scary?! I am now officially glad it remains in storage in San Francisco and not a part of my NY wardrobe.

    • Marty

      I would wear that dress. Personally, I love the Victorian Orphan look. I might have some issues though.

    • Aire

      Hey everyone!

      Wow, we here at ModCloth (Capital C) didn’t know this dress would cause such a debate! This dress is from one of our favorite designers, Dear Creatures, and we have to admit that we really love it. However, we understand that it’s not every blog writer’s style (and that every blog writer does not meet her readers for cupcakes). Being that ModCloth has our own blog and blog writers, we couldn’t help but seek inspiration from our own team’s style but we know not everybody has the same “dress code”.

      Thanks for the feedback,
      Aire @ModCloth

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      I find very true words said. Many bloggers work from home in their pj’s, underwear and yeah even flip flop and maybe all three at the same time and you still can’t be judged on your apperance.
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