Poll: Are Penguins or Koalas Bigger Sluts?

It’s not just the Swedish who are having an outbreak of chlamydia. The STD has infected the animal kingdom as well. A dozen penguins at the San Francisco Zoo died from chlamydia (which they apparently got from an infected bird, totes not from sex, you guys!), and now many koalas are dying of the disease as well. All of this leads to only one question: which animal is sluttier?

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    • Lizzy

      A) This makes me hella sad. Cute animals should not be dieing, especially from shit the town bicycle has.

      B) I’ve always thought of penguins as very romantic (I watched The Pebble and the Penguin a lot as a child), so koalas would be the Trollop McSluts of the two.

    • Sherri

      Koalas are actually really lazy and grumpy, and aren’t all that keen on getting it on. (too bad cos the babies are cuuute) It’s probably more a case of their low numbers making it easier for diseases to spread.