• Mon, Sep 20 2010

Gallery: The Worst Jobs In The Entire World

Got the Monday Blues? Thank God you’re not a flusher. Because, hey, I’ve had a bad job. Lilit has had a bad job. Allie has had a bad job. We’re assuming you have, too. But we challenge you to beat any of the following in terms of sheer awfulness:

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  • nolalola27

    I don’t know why, because it’s honestly not the grossest, but the cat food tester was the one that made me gag.

  • Jillian Engel

    Are the women in the main photo deodorant testers? That sounds pretty bad, too.

  • Rick

    That is so gross it is awesome. Poor Wendy Hanson. A couple of the other jobs on that link (when you click her name) are pretty bad too! Great article.