5 Things You Can Do To Pretend It’s Fall

Here in Southern California, we don’t have “seasons,” in the traditional sense. For those of us who hail from the east coast, that means joyous celebration the first year or two of living here when, in December, you can still feel your fingertips and your snot isn’t stuck to your mittens.

But after a couple of years, you begin to get kind of sad every September. You kind of miss the seasons, and realize that you’ve thought it was March for about five months now. Your body wants the temperature to change so that it can understand how old it is, and you want the sky to go dark just one time so that you remember you’re alive. This is why you see people in L.A., BTW, bundled up in scarves and overcoats in 60 degree weather. Aside from the fact that our blood has thinned, we miss the cold.

Well, you need not lose hope completely, my literal fair-weather friends. Here are five things you can do to pretend that the seasons are indeed changing:

  1. By apple-scented, or pumpkin-pie-scented, candles.
  2. At night, draw the curtains, turn on a fan and cuddle up with a “rainy day” movie and some hot chocolate.
  3. Rock a light-weight scarf.
  4. Find an orchard and go apple-picking.
  5. Go for a country drive through a leafy part of town, or neighboring town. Be sure to stay in the shade.
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    • Lindsay

      Aw! I just took my daughter apple-picking! Except that it’s really going to get cold here in the next couple of months. My suggestion to make it feel like winter is coming: start baking! October through December, we back pies, cookies, cakes and everything else you can think of. Homemade apple dumplings, peanut butter fudge, even chocolate chip cookies. This is the best season to grab the flour and your grandma’s recipes and bake a special treat for your boyfriend, friends, whoever! And getting hot in the kitchen will make you feel like its cold outside!

    • snarkfiles

      When I lived in Phoenix I would bake an apple crisp in the “fall.” Baking + fall candles are the only things that made me feel better that it was still 100 in October.

    • Ricki

      Ive always wondered why i see celebs wearing sweaters and scarves in california, when i know its not near as cold there as anywhere else. Just wondering..why does it never really get cold there?