Dear Lady Gaga, You Shouldn’t Have Worked With Terry Richardson

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Although we here at The Gloss have debated Lady Gaga’s style plenty of times, there’s no denying that she has done a fantastic job speaking out for LGBT rights. As someone who is so passionate about a positive approach to sexuality, she also made appearances with fellow LGBT activist Cyndi Lauper to talk about the importance of safe sex. That’s why we’re incredibly disappointed to learn that Lady Gaga worked with photographer Terry Richardson, whom we exposed as a creep who intimidates and sexually harasses the models he works with. Richardson shot Gaga’s video message to the US Senate regarding the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

While it’s great that Gaga has used her fame to take a stand on this issue, it’s a shame that the person she chose to record her important message is someone who clearly doesn’t value sexuality. Writer Jamie Peck wrote an article for The Gloss in March about her experiences modeling for Richardson. In her story, she told about how Richardson got naked during their shoot, offered to make tea out of her bloody tampon, and coerced her into giving him  a hand job. While we’re not going to flatter ourselves and think that Lady Gaga reads The Gloss (although we’d be thrilled if she did), the story was referenced in Page Six and became a hot discussion topic throughout print and online media, with other models coming forward with their own stories. The article is even linked on Richardson’s Wikipedia page. In other words, it’s not difficult to find out Richardson’s reputation, and it’s unfortunate that someone as feminist and pro-positive sexuality as Lady Gaga would choose to work with someone who doesn’t seem to feel the same way when the sexuality in question is those of young women who model for him.

Gaga, we agree with what you said about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and support the work that you’re doing. But we ask that you disavow Terry Richardson and never work with him again in the future. Trying to get across a very important message about sexual discrimination while allowing your message to be shot by someone who is known for sexually harassing women isn’t the right way to go. The fashion industry continuing to give Richardson work is only sending the message that what he did was okay. Lady Gaga, you have the ability to change that message as well. You have the ability to tell young women that it’s not acceptable for men in positions of authority to coerce them into sexual acts, and you can do that by denouncing Richardson and making sure you never work with him again. We’re counting on you.

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    • Aguy

      Fucking word! I hope he gets hit by a paedo bus then f*cked by all the paedos on board.

    • Anon

      ….why did she even have Richardson shoot this for her? She could have done a better job by just setting the camera on a tripod.

    • Rebecca

      It boggles my mind that just because the fame this guy has that he can do what he does and get away with it. Also it kinda seems that you want to make a big deal about something but do nothing about it. Like the “handjob” chick? If you had such a problem with it you wouldn’t have wrote the article and you clearly state in your article that your “over it”. So the guys a weirdo….personally I think to be a fashion photographer nowadays, its like in the job description or something.

    • Alex

      OMG how long are you guys planning to keep this bullshit battle that no one cares about! Ok we all know he likes it dirty, so what?? you people are the ones who have all those boring photos in the magazines, sure they are very beautiful and BORING! wake up! he is still working isn’t it? can you guess why? BECAUSE HE ROCKS.
      I Know that models feel more comfortable around gay assistants and gay photographers, but then again, I have never found a sexy photo made to a female woman by any gay photographer. people confuse beautiful with sexy.

      by the way i’m bisexual so don’t get all LBGT activist on me

    • Lara bailey

      lady gaga still works with his pervy ass…I’m starting to believe she actually doesn’t really care about woman’s rights at all…

    • Green

      Some of these comments are kinda stupid. I think the man should be locked up. Full stop. Lady Gaga should be a good role model, she has responsibility due to her fame, that is one of the attached strings.

    • Emmy

      I don’t really get how a woman who gets photographed a disco ball between her wide-open legs is a ‘role-model’.
      I actually don’t get how some people have ‘respect’ for her and encourage her not to work with the other perv photograph, when SHE used to fucking strip before singing, and now goes around naked half the time.
      @nerdychick1983:disqus how would a ‘woman’ like that care about woman’s rights ? Are you freakin serious ? I’m not sure she even deserves to be called a woman. She’s a shame.

      Steffani is gross and doesn’t have self-respect. Why should WE respect her ?
      Why should 12 years old be watching her clips ? Why should she be some naive 15 years old’s idol ?

      Damn foolish world.