What Kind of Shoes Do Bloggers Wear?

Earlier this week, I wrote about a “Blog Writer Dress” that, in the words of Racked NY editor Izzy Grinspan, might make her “look like a Victorian orphan.” Over on Fashionista, Leah Chernikoff also took issue with the dress, pointing out that both the style of the dress and its accompanying description was insulting and showed a lack of understanding of what bloggers actually do all day. (Don’t get me wrong… I’d be happy to go out for cupcakes with all our readers, but that is sadly not a requirement of my job.)

Now, The Frisky has a photo of Stuart Weitzman’s “Blog” shoe, which appears at left here. Personally, this blogger doesn’t find black round-toe pumps to her liking, but any other bloggers want to weigh in? Ideally, if I were working from home I’d be wearing flip-flops, but these shoes look a little more “conservative political candidate” than “person who spends all day writing things on the internet” to me. Also, they would look horrible with the blog writer dress.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Were they joking? This shoe is not suitable for anyone unless… maybe working at a bank? I can’t call myself a blogger, because it’s not my full time job. But I’ve never had a job in my life where that’s the shoe for me. All in all, disappointed in Stuart Weitzman. I’ve attached two links to Weitzman shoes that would be much better to blog in.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Oh no! I got the same link twice! Here’s my second one:

    • Kate

      maybe this is the clothing marketer’s revenge against fashion bloggers– getting a bunch of bloggers to write multiple articles about ugly frumpy clothes that no one would otherwise notice or care to discuss.

      p.s.– it’s a marketing tool, not a mandate. plus, for all you know, some blogging banker grandma is drooling over those weitzmans right now.

    • Moody Maria

      Those are so ugly! These are the kind of shoes you wear when the Airline lost your luggage and you have to borrow these from your elderly aunt that has corns and pronated feet. I am a beauty blogger, a full time business woman, a mom, a cub scout den leader, a PTG member, and a Gleek. I would not say these are shoes I would ever wear by choice.