Steve Buscemi: Sex Symbol?

A lot of us probably like Steve Buscemi as an actor. Because he’s a good actor! Resevoir Dogs. Ghost World. Fargo. Really enjoyable movies! Well done, Steve Buscemi! But I never thought of him as a sex symbol until I saw Boardwalk Empire. Well. Now I do.

Partly because the character he’s playing (Nucky Thompson) is really cool. Nucky is the corrupt Atlantic City treasurer at the dawn of prohibition, but you’ve probably seen enough posters and articles to get the general gist of the show.

I don’t usually feel like this is something that enters into my attraction to people, but I think the character is appealing because he respects women in an era when no one else does. However, thank God, he doesn’t seem like the kind of drippy “sensitive guy” that Hollywood usually trots out when they want to show someone who holds women in high regard. This is clearly a character than can stand up to gangsters, but also really hopes that women get the right to vote. When a woman comes to him and begs for a job for her loutish husband, he patiently listens to her stammer and stutter far longer than most people would. He’s even nice to his floozy girlfriend, who, in any other series would simply be showcased once to prove that the main character can get hot girls (I’m thinking of Entourage).

He seems completely confident, but reserved and polite in his manners. It sounds quaint, but he seems like a gentleman. And Steve Buscemi plays it so perfectly that you can’t help but feel that he must have some of those qualities himself.

I’d hit that.

I guess other people figured this out sooner. According to The Black Table:

Terry Zwigoff, who directed Steve Buscemi in the movie Ghost World, spoke about Steve’s strange sex appeal in a documentary about the making of the film. He admits that he had always thought Steve was “somewhat funny-looking,” until one day his wife overheard them talking on the phone and reacted with a surprising excitement. “There’s only one guy in Hollywood you have to worry about leaving me alone in the room with,” she told him, “it’s Steve Buscemi.” Mr. Zwigoff, however, dismissed his wife’s opinion. “I think my wife’s a little weird, you know, because she’s with me,” the nebbishy, nasal-voiced director said.

Or, I suppose, it’s possible that I just like well-acted series set in the 1920′s. Does anyone else find him attractive?

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    • melanie

      You do not know how happy I was to read this post! I had also caught the premiere of Boardwalk Empire (which is awesome, btw) and couldn’t help but think how attractive he is in that role. Fargo is definitely one of my top 5 movies, as is ghost world, but i did not find him attractive at all until i saw him on this show. He has some strange appeal. I’d definitely hit that

    • CH

      Oh, yes, for sure. I’ve never seen “Boardwalk Empire,” but I have said for months that I would rather do Steve Buscemi than Brad Pitt. “Ghost World” did it for me.

    • Meg

      maybe it’s the awesome suits? because he wears some damn awesome suits.

      • Jennifer Wright

        God DAMN those suits are awesome.

    • rachel

      kudos, ms. wright, on your predictable,hackneyed and irreverent description of mr. zwigoff. show me anywhere else where someone has deigned to describe a person who wasn’t jewish as nebbishy and nasal-voiced, and i will grant you back your literary integrity… maybe. a tip: knowing yiddish words and employing them whenever a jew is the topic at hand is not clever; it’s knowing when not to use it that counts. but i guess the important thing is getting your name in print (well, your name is technically not in “print,” but we gotta start somewhere)

      • Jennifer Wright


        If you click the link, you’ll see that I am excerpting an article from The Black Table. That’s why it’s in italics and it says “according to The Black Table.” Sorry it wasn’t clear enough for you. As for being in print, I think if you check the Content Team page you can find some of the publications I’ve written for.

      • nolalola27

        See how right before the QUOTE, Jennifer says “According to the Black Table,” with a link there to the original text? That means, in journalism, that the writer is quoting from another source and providing you a link to the original text. Try reading the whole article rather than just fixating on one quoted word.

        Also, you are not helping the Jewish community by getting up in arms over any ill-conceived slight against us. The more you cry and whine about antisemitism (especially when it’s not the case), the more you isolate us as a group of people who should be treated with kid gloves, easily bruised and hyper sensitive.

    • nolalola27

      Hot. Never thought so until I saw the show, but yeah. I really want him to come bring me flowers in a dashing 3-piece.

    • vico

      Speaking as a younger female, I’ve had a major crush on Mr Buscemi ever since Ghost World, the scene where him and Enid got it on gave me the vapours. Yeah I’d rub my lady bits all up on that.

    • porkchop

      Remember in Ghost World when he was waiting for that family to cross the street in front of his car, and he was like, “Whattaya, HYPNOTIZED??” THat was so funny! I only like him as an actor, but he is really exciting to look at. I think we are all under the illusion that you have to have straight teeth to be attractive, but that is completely false.

    • jet

      Steve Buscemi = the dark Don Knotts

    • Milo

      He literally makes my pussy wet. I just fell of my seat just reading all of your comments. His wife is a lucky lady.

    • Logan FtM

      Um, hell yeah! 3 Years late, but…
      Hey! The man is still sexy at 55!…if we weren’t talking about Steve Buscemi that would be disgusting.

      • Zev TheClusterLizard

        Agreed. I usually cringe at the thought of getting with “older guys,” but god almighty is Steve ever the exception!

    • Claudia Weil

      Definitely hot.

    • Zev TheClusterLizard

      His eyes are hauntingly beautiful. His voice is a combination of adorable and sexy city-slicker. His teeth…are forgivable. I think it really speaks to the character of all us Busexual girls, that we’re able to look past his dental handicap and love him for his badass screen personal and sexy creepiness.

      If vampires were real and sexy, they wouldn’t look like Edward Cullen. They’d look like Steve Buscemi.