How French Women Stay Thin, Really

Garance Dore – who must do something other than date the Sartorialist, though apparently that something is not hitting the gym – is shocked that people put so much work into physical fitness. She writes:

“I swear, I know tons of people who get up at 6 a.m. to go running! Even me, I’ve thought about doing it! Of course it didn’t happen because I’m utterly lazy!!! MY GYM OPENS AT 5 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!! Are people totally insane or what? And get this, the control freakitude and search for physical perfectitude never ends! Calories are indicated on EVERYTHING! A cookie, that’ll be 500 damn calories please!!! And Starbucks is paranoia-land. You really don’t want to know how many calories are in a Frappucino [sic], trust me on this. It would never be like that in Paris. Well, okay, maybe in my Paris. You get croissants, cigarettes, and spend your day on the café terraces. Yep, no guilt either. So some day I’ll have to give you a play by play from my gym. We’ll crack up together.”

So, how do those elusive French women stay so thin? How does Garance do it?

They smoke like chimneys.

I’m looking forward to my book deal.

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    • Eileen

      I’m pretty sure this is a myth. I definitely know overweight French women (yes, who live in France).

    • Jessica

      I definitely think it’s stimulants. The French girl I work with drinks 10-14 shots of espresso a day.

    • Marie

      Maybe I don’t get the irony of it, but I think this article is unfair. You want to know how we – french women – do to stay thin? We don’t fill up our plates like there is going to be a starvation tomorrow, we don’t spend our lives talking about food and our last diet, we don’t feel guilty everytime we eat something we shouldn’t.

    • Kellie

      Yeah, I read something about how the portion sizes in France are much smaller. Like, a large sized drink at their McDonald’s is the size of our small. Aldo, they eat their salads last so the fiber flushes everything out. (I do that now, too; it works really well)

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