How Do You Know When You’re Over Your Ex?

So, Gossip Girl was awesome this week, right? Oh? You didn’t see it? I guess you’re not the 13 year old portion of The Gloss demographic. Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in!

So, as you recall, Chuck proposed to Blair at the end of the last season, despite pimping her out to his uncle. And Blair was ecstatic! But at the very moment he was proposing, Dan Humphrey ran up and punched him because he found out that Chuck had taken his younger sister’s virginity. And Blair was devastated, and ran off to Paris. Then Chuck went to Prague and got shot and assumed a false identity and started working at a bar and wearing overalls and a cane.

Meanwhile, Blair was hanging around in the Louvre staring at the Luncheon on the Grass. This French Prince comes up to her and says “you love that painting? I love that paining, too. That means  love you. Do you love me, too?” This is liking finding someone who likes hamburgers and deciding you should get married because you also like hamburgers but…. oh, hahhahaha, what a ridiculous show.

But then, just as Chuck is about to flee to some outlandish country forever so he never has to see Blair again, Blair finds his wherabouts and runs up to him in a partially abandoned train station wearing a Givenchy ballgown and a Harry Winston necklace while her French Prince waits outside for her. And Chuck stands there, staring at her like a sad puppy and then Blair says “I don’t love you anymore.”

Now, first of all, no. They’ll be back together by the end of the season.

However, we’re having some debate on how to define “not loving someone anymore.” Because it seems like it requires more than just seeing them an saying “boop, over it.” Though I imagine wearing a Givenchy ballgown would help considerably.

Unless it doesn’t. I feel like I’ve had a few exes I’ve encountered after break-ups and realized that I just didn’t really care about one way or the other. And honestly, it made me a little sad, because I hoped that the time we spent together would leave a more lingering impression on me.

Lilit claims that you’re truly over someone as soon as you see that they’re in a relationship and it doesn’t bother you.

Drew, the deputy editor of our sister site  Crushable says that it’s whem you watch them have sex with someone else and you just don’t care. That Drew. Sometimes she makes me wish I weren’t such an agoraphobic cat lady trapped inside a full body snuggie.

How do you know for sure when you’re over an ex? Or can you ever be sure?

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    • ariel

      I have no clue when you know… living in the middle of realizing I’m not over someone right now when I thought I was. Neat. Hello drawing board, so nice to see you again. But more importantly- will you please consider as an office writing a weekly gg recap because that opening made my flippin’ day. MADE. IT.

    • Amy

      When looking them in the eye doesn’t hit you straight in the heart, that’s when.

      Or when seeing them with someone else doesn’t bother you at all.

    • Katie

      When you see them and instead of being overwhelmed by a terrible wave of anger, jealously, saddness or self pity, you think to yourself, “Why hello there old friend.. I do wonder – how are you doing?”

    • Emily

      There are some exes you never really get over. I’m in a long term relationship with a wonderful man, but if I see that guy who dumped me after 3 dates 6 years ago, I still wonder what I did wrong. On the other hand, I’ve got an ex I dated for years that I can have coffee with and talk about our current relationships, and it’s cool.

      I think there’s too much emphasis put on getting over an ex. If your constantly wondering, “am I over him?” you never will be. The important thing is to move forward with your life, and let your feelings about the past settle wherever they may.

    • over my girlfriend

      Even though I might be over my ex girlfriend I dont think the idea of her being with someone else is ever really going to sit well. The idea of it still kinda makes me nausious.