I Cannot Make This Up: ‘Mom Paralyzed In Freak Pole Dancing Accident’

Heather from Rock of Love might have made pole-dancing look easy, but it’s actually a pretty strenuous workout. A woman named Debbie Plowman in Yorkshire, England, who was taking a pole-dancing fitness class called called KEEP-FIT, fell on her head while trying to do a move. She broke her neck and damaged her spinal cord. She is currently on a ventilator and only able to communicate via eye movements. It’s estimated that she will need six months to recover, so her friends and family have started a trust to raise money for her care and recovery.

This just confirms my belief that all forms of exercise are bad for you. I’ll be in a corner with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s if you need me.

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    • Lauren

      I take pole dance fitness classes. Let me tell you, I am more sore after that class than any other exercise I have ever done. I really tones and strengthens you. But people don’t realize how hurt you can get if you do it wrong. Unfortunately, there is no special certification needed to teach pole dance right now. Basically, if you can do it, then you can teach it. It’s really bad for safety reasons. My instructor is first aid/cpr certified, and certified in group exercise and personal training. If you want to take pole dancing classes, research your instructor first. Make sure she has all the qualifications to teach a FITNESS class. Not just able to swing around a pole. If you don’t warm up properly you can get severely hurt, it’s not just freak accidents like this. I wish this woman a quick recovery.