Who Is The Sesame Street True Blood Parody Aimed At?

This Sesame Street parody of HBO’s True Blood is cute – but I can’t figure out exactly why it is exists. I’m going to assume that there really aren’t many toddlers tuning in for the head twisting, blood spurting rapiness that is True Blood. At least, I really hope not (though I suppose I like the idea of Sesame Street feeding directly into the autobahn).

Now, I realize that there are probably parents who watch True Blood who also watch Sesame Street with their kids. But if I’m the kind of person who likes True Blood, I’m also the kind of person who it takes more to amuse than rhyming mud with “thud” and “spud.” It strikes me that this is a bit of a dud, but perhaps that’s just because I don’t often watch children’s programming. Are there parents who love it when they do stuff like this? – via MTV.com

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    • Lindsay Cross

      There must parents like that somewhere… But I’m not one of them.

    • Emily

      I think this is a case of the writers doing something for their own amusement. And why not? The kids learned about rhyming and I think it would be funny to kids even if they didn’t get the reference.

      Also, it got “Sesame Street” into the headlines of nearly every website I looked at today.


    • Kelly

      Sesame Street does stuff like this all the time and it’s obviously for the parents. Kids don’t know who Katy Perry is, but they put her on there because the parents know. Toddlers don’t understand what Mad Men is about but they do skits about that for the moms and dads watching.