Grrr Friend: Champagne Underpants Party!

This is the latest installment of cartoonist Ben Schwartz’s comic about his relationship with the very-funny-in-her-own-right Meredith.

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    • nolalola27

      I really hate this comic. Not only is it not funny, it’s obnoxious. I hate to be a snooty party pooper, but you can’t post something brilliant like Allie Brosh and also something as stupid as this.

    • New York

      Great comic

    • RumbleFiche

      take it easy, nolalola… sometimes art has to imitate life… my favorite part is the pants in the first panel

    • Runnerchick

      i personally find the comic hilarious, keep ‘em coming Ben! i think the best part is that by the time our poor boyfriend is ready to party she’s passed out….with a nice expression to boot. :)