Kate Moss’ Leather Daisy Dukes…Love or Hate?

Kate Moss was spotted this week in London wearing these leather underwear shorts. Sure, she has the legs for them, and sure, maybe if I did too I would also rock them. But would I? Are these a daring leap into fashion genius or a mortifying faux pas?

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    • Lindsay Cross

      They’re a little much. Even if I was 95 lbs, I’m pretty sure I would never leave the house in those things. And I’m not sure if the tights help?

    • snarkfiles

      i’m sorry…i’m way too distracted by her wonk eye and nipples peering through her shirt to take notice of her shorts. now that i am, however, i like them for a high fashion model. but i would never wear them, and i’m not far at all from her size. all i can think when i see them is “walking yeast infection.”

    • Emily

      Eek. Hate. Somehow the black tights make them worse, not really sure why.


    • nolalola27

      Anything that gives Kate Moss a muffin top is not just a “no,” but a “run the hell away like those things are on fire.”

    • Odie

      LOOOVE! But then, Kate is perfection. No one else could pull THAT of, though.