Important ‘Jersey Shore’ Question: Why Does Angelina Use Pads?

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On last night’s episode of Jersey Shore, a plotline revolved around Angelina’s used pad in the bathroom. My thoughts on Angelina’s continued existence have been documented, but I have a serious question here: who actually uses pads anymore?

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    • Laura

      Maybe she uses pads while she’s sleeping, like you are supposed to do!
      It is gross to leave a tampon in there all night.

    • Leah

      I almost never use tampons unless I’m going to be swimming. My periods are really light so tampons don’t really work for me. Don’t bash the pad users, sometimes it’s just more comfortable!

    • Emily

      I’ve got to agree, I don’t know anyone who uses tampons exclusively.

      • julie

        I only use tampons, pads just give me the heebie jeebies…

    • Kate

      pads are so gross. i don’t think i’ve bought a box since middle school.

    • Eileen

      You can leave a tampon in all night if you’re not going to be sleeping that long…but yeah, I think most women use both at different times.

    • snarkfiles

      i guess i don’t sleep very long b/c the 8-hour thing doesn’t cross my mind. i don’t want to say that either are gross b/c it seems to be rubbing people the wrong way, but let’s just say with tampons (which i solely use) i feel less like i’m wearing diapers and sitting on my own “moisture” as maxi would say.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Ummm… apparently I’m ignorant… what’s the Diva Cup?

    • Shaun

      I have really heavy days when I have to use a tampon AND a pad. If you don’t have this problem, just consider yourself lucky, girlies!

      • Liz

        Yep – I know all about that unfortunately. Which is why I tend to keep taking the pill to skip the issue altogether.

    • sohoaccessories

      Someone uses them as the aisle in the drugstores are stocked with them.

    • jess

      Some women are extremely sensitive to TSS (myself included) & cannot use tampons without getting sick. I use pads during my period, but these days I take birth control & just avoid the issue all together.

    • Ireri

      Is this a fo’ real discussion? Okay, I use pads, I guess. They’re more comfortable for me. I’ll probably switch later, but for now, yeah. I’m pretty complacent.

    • Dani

      Tampons are just too uncomfortable for me to use. I know you’re gonna say ‘you’re not using it right, you’re not supposed to feel it~’.. whatever. That’s bull. I always feel it. It could be the smallest tampon ever, I always feel it, and it’s not comfortable for me. Hence, I use pads.

    • Kathleen

      This is the most absurd thing I’ve read in a while. What, am I just not hip and cool if I use pads? Even if I use tampons, I need a pad for backup, so might as well just use pads and not have the internal discomfort. This is not a matter of style or fashion, unless you are such a slave to men that you can’t even wear loose clothing for a few days out of the month.

    • Shylondon Jones

      I don’t use either. The best way these days is au natural. If my flow is extra heavy, I will pad the bottom of my panties with rolled up toilet paper. When doing this, make sure you wash regularly. Keep “Desiten” cream handy…it helps.

    • Fyn

      It’s not gross to leave a tampon in all night, especially if you stick to the eight hours. Personally, I use tampons only on my heaviest days (only one day) and then use something like the diva cup during the rest. I despise pads, and only ever used them for like a week in jr high.
      But I say to each their own, and who frakin’ cares what a women wears for her period? Hello! Gods, I feel as if we’re back in high school again. Sheesh. >.<

    • Beth

      Tampons are uncomfortable, at least that your vagine is wide enough to use them through all your period, no offense intended, but I only use them at the beach or the swimming pool and it feels as if I had something stuck down there.

    • Marie

      umm personal choice? yeaa