Have You Kissed A Girl And Liked It?

According to a recent study, you probably have, but you probably didn’t like it.

University of California, Santa Barbra sociology professor Verta Taylor and feminist studies professor Leila J. Rupp claim:

“Girls may hold boys in thrall with openly sexual displays, but they’re still performing for the pleasure of an audience, and the boys are still in the socially dominant position,” concluded Taylor and Rupp.

So, girls make-out to turn guys on? Really? Wow. Sounds like someone went to college! Although some of us might just really like the taste of cherry chapstick.

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    • nolalola27

      I did it once without an audience. My really hot friend Katie & I made out in her car one day. She just grabbed me and kissed me. I was sort of dizzy afterwards. I’m definitely 90% straight, but that has stuck with me for years and sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have taken it further. I enjoyed it.

    • Cayla

      I guess being bi excludes you from this discussion. Obviously liked it.