Respond to This Picture: Leg Ogling

GOPAL CHITRAKAR, REUTERS / September 24, 2010

Sometimes, websites will ask you to caption a picture. This is not one of those times. Instead, I’m hoping you will respond to this picture, because I think it warrants a response. Adorable and all in good fun, or offensive?

In case you’re wondering, the Orlando Sentinel’s existing caption for this is:

“Khagendra Thapa, who is expected to be the world’s shortest man next month when he turns 18, looks at the legs of Miss Nepal beauty pageant winners during a news conference in Kathmandu on Friday.”

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    • Cayla

      He’s a 17 year old boy- I think this is hilarious. Not because he’s so short, but because that face is effing priceless. I’m also imagining being that girl looking down to see him checking out your legs, heh. It’d be funny.

    • Jennifer

      Offensive? Really? This is hilarious! Who would find this offensive?

    • Don Petro

      Wednesday is Hump Day LOL