• Tue, Sep 28 2010

Quick! Who Is This Celebrity?


It’s Taylor Swift. Who, without make-up, apparently looks 12 years old. It’s really easy to forget how used we are to seeing celebrities with make-up on all the time. Honestly,when I first saw this picture I thought “is that the girl who plays Chuck’s girlfriend on Gossip Girl?” because I cannot conceive of Taylor Swift without eyeling. But she looks great! Unless it will get more comments to say she looks horrible, in which case, that. – Fashion Indie

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  • Marija

    Taylor Swift

  • snarkfiles

    oh, wow. she is much prettier than i realized…charlize theron-esque almost.

    • Elle

      Charlize Theron in Monster, maybe.

    • Bree

      I do see Charize here too.

      Taylor has natural beauty.

  • HI


  • Stephanie

    I definitely would have put my money on Charlize.

  • Leah

    No makeup sure, but how long did it take to make her hair look like that?

    • Katie

      Her hair is naturally curly so I would assume not long….

  • nolalola27

    She looks so much cuter like this. I hate when really young girls pile on the makeup, it looks disturbing. I love her freckles!

  • Iknowyou

    taylor swift

  • Paige

    I sort of think she looks like the girl from the Exorcist. When you put on tons and tons of makeup, it makes your skin look different. It ages you. You can tell around her eyes.

    • Andy

      Exorcist girl? LOL. That’s was EXACTLY my first impression!! It looks like she just woke up. Still beautiful, but so different.