Why It Is Probably Not A Good Idea To Get Pregnant To Trap Someone Into Marriage

Regarding this question posed by a woman on the street about whether she should just get pregnant so her boyfriend would have to marry her, I would like to offer her some impromptu advice.

Don’t do that.


Because then you’ll have a baby.

And the baby will have to be raised by someone who thought it was a good idea to get pregnant to trap someone into marriage.

So, you know, a horrible person. It will be raised by a manipulative, desperate maniac.

That’s all.

(If that does not register because that response was based in logic, it’s because all babies conceived in this way look like devil clown Ronald McDonalds).

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    • nolalola27

      That picture is my new nightmare fuel. Thanks Jennifer!

    • adrianna

      Gurl, my friend is doing just that and she thinks it will keep them together forever. i told her that she was stupid but she doesn’t want to hear it. she thinks this would change their relationship forever. and i know it will do that he doesn’t love her the way she wants him to so she tring to make him. the only thing i have to say to this young lady is be ready for the next 18 years of hell alone.