Cupcake Shop Refuses To Make Rainbow Cupcakes Because They’re Gay

Sometimes there are single rainbows. Sometimes there are double rainbows. And sometimes there are no rainbows, and just homophobia.

A local diversity group in Indianapolis ordered some rainbow cupcakes to celebrate National Coming Out Day (October 11th). The bakery, Just Cookies, refused to provide them for the occasion. Not because they only had cookies. No. They had cupcakes, they just didn’t want to give them to gay people.

“I explained we’re a family-run business, we have two young, impressionable daughters and we thought maybe it was best not to do that,” co-owner David Stockton told Fox News.

The group placed their order with another bakery, and a spokesperson remarked, that they have “no formal complaint against the [Just Cookies]” and that “embracing diversity means allowing the business owners the right to their opinion and the right to choose how to serve its customers.”

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      I thought Indianapolis was sexy! Prejudice is not very sexually satisfying. It makes me pretty sad. But seriously, I’m glad the group to the classy route in their response. Because I’m not sure I could have. I would have told Mr. Stockton that they are making a terrible impression on those daughters that he’s worried about.

    • Tobi

      I hope all of Indy boycotts them. I would.

    • Tj

      I had no idea that selling rainbow cupcakes could morally bankrupt someone’s daughters.

      Thank you sir, for your insight.

    • jess cota

      If their children are so young and impressionable, perhaps they should be worried about the lesson of intolerance they are teaching them. Ridiculous. I’m so sure their kids are going to run right out and “turn gay” because they made rainbow cupcakes.

    • fleurty girl

      @ By Tobi – I live in Indy – we boycotted em’
      it’s all around town…

    • Annie

      As intolerant as that is, it’s kind of sad that the family will probably lose their business over this. There’s a difference between refusing service to someone because they’re gay and refusing to cater an event that supports a political or social cause you don’t believe in. For instance, I would probably sell a cupcake to a Scientologist, but I’m probably not going to bake a cake for L. Ron Hubbard day. Turning this into national news will probably destroy this poor family’s business. They may have acted out of ignorance, but do they really deserve to lose their livelihood over it?

    • Soos

      Everyone should have boundaries. But what happens if the daughters turn out to be gay?

    • Jolin

      If they’re young and “impressionable”, wouldn’t this act signal to these young people that it’s OK to discriminate? I would boycott them for sure, and i hope more people will follow suit.

    • Jenna Learson

      I think a business has any right to refuse any customer if he feels like he cannot provide the products or services in the said time frame. Why should it be any different?

    • Theresa

      The two young, impressionable daughters are 17 and 20.

    • Val

      If the group took the “classy” route, then how did it get out to the media in the first place? Wouldn’t the “classy” route have been to say (as they did in their public statement) “You have a right to your opinion and I respect that even if I dont’ agree with it” and then to go another bakery and keep the whole deal private? The fact that the group got the media involved shows that they don’t actually respect the proprietor’s viewpoint.

      • Elizabeth

        So true!

    • Simon

      You should learn to be more open-minded to differing view points.

      I don’t think you’d be upset if the bakery was refusing business because they didn’t want to promote, say the KKK. The problem you have is that the business owner thought it was wrong to promote a gay event.

      There is a big difference between refusing off-the-shelf items (which the business owner did not do), and refusing a custom item that promotes something you disagree with.

      If you want to call it prejudice, you’re welcome to it, but what you’re saying is that your view point of what is wrong and right has to be used as the standard. That’s pretty close minded.

      If the business owner kicked them out of the store because they were gay, called them names, cursed at them, or did other derogatory things than prejudice exists.

      Simply refusing to take part in something the business owner disagreed with is the business owner exercising his rights; that I am so thankful our country protects.

      • Elizabeth

        I agree with what you are saying completely. Although I disagree with the bakery owner’s views, I don’t feel like they deserve to lose their business over this. I feel like by going to the media and encouraging a boycott of this small business, the gay rights group has basically attempted to force their beliefs on the bakery owners. Perhaps this gay rights group should be boycotted until they stop bullying others into agreeing with them.

    • Sue C

      OMG ppl, they are just rainbow cupcakes, what difference does it make the event that they are going to it was just the way the icing had to be put on the cupcake. it’s amazing how a rainbow can go from meaning peace and love in the ’70′s to being a gay pride symbol. I don’t think it should have mattered what they were for, they could have been for my 6 yr olds birthday….would they have refused me rainbows for a birthday? I really think the whole thing is rediculous.

      • Pant

        I know right

    • Katie

      while i’m glad the gay activist’s who placed the order handled their refusal of service with understanding and maturity i’m glad to know about this. i know Just Cookies is not a place this heterosexual married Christian mother will be purchasing any of her pastries. don’t really appreciate it when businesses refuse other people’s hard earned money based on non-sequitur biases.

    • bart fox

      they’re not just rainbow cupcakes. the queers think the colors belong to them. the owner of just cookies has every right to refuse service to anyone. if the queers don’t like it, they can take their business elsewhere. period. it’s good to see people actually having the testicular fortitude to stand by their convictions. this country needs more people just like them.

    • Pj McDonald

      “the queers!” What is wrong with people? Go ahead and refuse service all you like, cookies or cupcakes or cars or homes. Someone else will gladly take the money for the product! you arent helping yourself at all. Your just making yourselves look like bigots and bad buisness owners. I myself will not waste my money in any city market establishment, They already have enough customers with the bigots and idiots.

    • Kelly

      I just love how my rainbow cupcake photo has become the stock photo for this story all over the web, with no credit given to me nor permission asked of me. At least you guys were nice enough to leave my watermark.

      • kate

        they are epic cupcakes though totally want some
        ps they are not gay and neither am i

      • Sally Villarreal

        Agreed! Do you have a link? A recipe/tutorial? (Sorry about your copyright troubles.)

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    • Sally Villarreal

      So sad that the kids don’t get awesome rainbows. This is a classic example of an attempt to hide homosexuality from kids that actually brings the issue to the forefront. I had no idea that rainbows were a gay symbol until high school. If the parents weren’t bigots, their daughters probably wouldn’t know either.

    • Sammy Lammy

      Thats just dumb of them for doing that! Besides, I’m bi and proud…and would ave givin those cupcakes to meh friends who are straight and supportive since they like cupcakes and rainbows itself! its a cupcake, not a crime <3

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