• Wed, Sep 29 2010

Fashion 101: Purse Theory

As women, we simply cannot get around the fact that we will always have to carry a purse. Sometimes I try to challenge this theory by stuffing everything in my pockets, just as a man would. However, I always, ALWAYS regret it. Pockets are just not enough to house what the modern woman needs. I mean, I would love to see a pair of jeans that could hold my phone, wallet, keys, compact, lip gloss, In Touch Magazine, a hardback novel, phone charger, breath mints, hand sanitizer, emergency flip-flops — but I don’t think they exist.

So, since we are resigned to the fact that we have a perma-accessory that we must never be without, it’s probably a good idea to brush up on our purse lingo. Might as well be able to properly identify what is basically another appendage for us, right?

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