Gallery: OMG! 10 Super Sexy Halloween Costumes For You!

It’s almost Slutoween! The only night of the year where you can go outside not wearing pants and people will be like “oh, you’re so clever!” You’re clever because you made your inside no-pants-dance public!  Any other night of the year, people will get all upset (not George Pomfret or Martha Prothero, but some people) and you’ll be arrested. Relish your no-pants night.

But you need to find a way to make your sexy Slutoween costume stand out from all the other ones. Fortunately, we have you covered (intellectually, not physically). You can feel free to steal any of these.

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    • GrumpyBear

      Can I get back that 45 seconds I wasted reading this?

      • TomKincaidthe3

        Yes. Step 1: hit your computer with a sledgehammer. hard.

        You get the other steps when you’re done #1. If you can’t follow even the first step, then you didn’t deserve that time to begin with.

    • is no one else clearly disturbed by the father/little girl in the family photo?

      • Lindsay Hartman

        Yes! Extremely disturbed!

    • Jen Dziura

      Doesn’t everyone know the fashion rule that you’re not supposed to wear big, puffy sneakers with a fake bush? Oh, wait. I’m inventing that fashion rule now: you’re not supposed to wear big, puffy sneakers with a fake bush.

    • Jordan

      i have put a moratorium on halloween until i live with someone who is of appropriate costume-wearing age (that would be my as-yet-unconceived child), but i might make an exception for sexy bedbug.

    • Huh

      OK, gotta say the family in the fuzzies crossed the freakin line!!! It’s bad enough that the whole family is naked but is anyone else not bothered by the little girl grabbind her dad’s raw junk. C’mon, take this #@$%t off your website. I’m a pretty open guy with a very warped sense of humor, but this is just @#$ offensive!!!

      • dank ass

        i agree this s#!+ is messed up y hasn’t any one called child protective servicees

    • Meg

      I’m actually kind of surprised those aren’t ALL real.