What’s Your ‘Get Over Him’ Song?

The folks over at Betty Confidential have been compiling a “you got cheated on and are bummed” playlist.  Do you have a breakup/bad day playlist that you bust out whenever you need to get over feeling depressed? Here are some of our choices – add your own in the comments!

Robyn – “Cry When You Get Older”

Nada Surf – “Inside of Love”

OK GO – “Get Over It”

No Doubt – “Ex-Girlfriend”

Hot Hot Heat – “Get In Or Get Out”

Kelly Clarkson – “Since U Been Gone”

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    • Lala

      Britney Spears “Stronger” and “Cinderella,” for dancing/singing your pain away!

    • Squeeks

      I Can Do Better by Avril Lavigne, easily.

    • Jennifer Wright

      “Without You”. From My Fair Lady. Really.


    • Lindsay Hartman

      Mine is “Fearless” by Colbie Caillat. It always makes me feel strong.

    • Amanda Ernst

      “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. So good.

    • porkchop

      “I Should’ve Cheated” by Keyshia Cole.

    • ariel

      Marilyn Manson’s cover of Personal Jesus. Stomping down the streets with this blasting in some killer heels makes me feel invinsible. Impossible to not feel like Wonder Woman.

    • ricki

      “never again” by kelly clarkson. Man, i used to blare this after i found out my husband cheated. awesome song

    • ricki

      “never again” by kelly clarkson. If youve ever been cheated on..listen to this one. Whew!

      • ricki

        oops…i didnt see it post my first one so i posted again.

    • Christina

      Untouchable Face by Ani DiFranco

    • Kalizzle

      SARA BAREILLES- Gonna Get Over Your from her new cd. It is amazing.


    • Ellen W.

      Cake’s cover of “I Will Survive”
      Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies’ cover of “Tainted Love”
      and Cartman’s cover of “Sailing Away”

      Back in the good old Napster days I had a 50 song broken heart playlist. I have the whole thing written down somewhere.

    • Jessica

      You all frequently post articles concerning how to get over a boyfriend, survive a break up, ect. However, it would be nice to see an article about how to end a relationship, especially with someone who is very much in love with you. Breaking up with someone can be very difficult, and women have to deal with this issue aswell. We’re not all being dumped and cheated on continuously.

    • Sherri

      I got through my divorce in the late 90′s with a Alanis Morrisette’s Jagged Little Pill and Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie albums.

    • Erin

      Ben Harper – Walk Away
      Guster – Happier
      Cake – Friend is A Four Letter Word
      Aerosmith – What It Takes

    • Daisy

      Alanis Morisette and Anouk (Dutch singer) do it for me every time!

    • Amanda Chatel

      Definitely “Inside of Love” by Nada Surf. Also:
      “Re: Stacks” by Bon Iver
      “I Am Not the Case” by Kristofer Astrom
      “The Trapeze Swinger” by Iron & Wine
      “Like You Said” by Tiger Lou
      and of course, “Maps” by Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs (because it’s true: “they don’t love you like I love you”)

    • shhh

      paperbag fiona apple

    • Charlie

      Favorite breakup songs: Shut Up And Drive by Chely Wright and Walking Away A Winner by Kathy Mattea. Mood lifters: Enter Sandman by Metallica, Walk 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, Elvira by the Oak Ridge Boys, Jailhouse Rock by Elvis (of course!) and Free Falling by Tom Petty

    • Jessi Jess

      Over you – Acceptance
      Undo it – Carrie Underwood
      Turn it Up – Pixie Lott
      You’re not sorry – Taylor Swift
      Move on – Bruno Mars

    • Karla

      Beyonce’s “Me, myself and I” is very good.

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    • fraoch

      Depending on the guy, it’s wither ‘So What’ by Pink or ‘Wake Up Call’ by Maroon 5 if he’s particularly douche-y

    • Tess

      “Before He Cheats” Carrie Underwood
      “Float On” Modest Mouse
      “Big Girls Don’t Cry” Fergie
      “Don’t Stop Believin” Journey (it’s great for just recharging batteries and faith in life)
      “Day Late Friend” Anberlin
      “Red High Heels” and “Best Days of Your Life” Kellie Pickler.