10 Celebrity Siblings Who Need to Go Away

There’s some pretty annoying people out there. A lot of them are celebrities. And a lot of celebrities are related to each other. But you know how it goes in show biz. You either all succeed as a family like the Gyllenhaals, or the lesser family members feed off the famous ones. That’s what makes these celebrity siblings annoying. I think they just need to find a nice, quiet secluded place out of the shadows of their more preferable sibling’s spotlights to find solitude and happiness. It’ll be much better for all of us that way.

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    • Jenny

      Asslee’s old face is growing back. She might not be cuter for much longer. And ladies, I hate to disagree…I’m not so sure about J-Simpleton’s acting/singing skills. Tell me this doesn’t make your toenails curl:

    • Ioana

      I`m sorry but I have to disagree on a part of your comment.I think courtney cox arquette is a very good actrice,a great mom and she stills looks good.But hey,it`s a free country so…everybody has the right to an opinion.
      By the way..cool blog…

    • snarkfiles

      khloe kardashian is supposed to be a model for “real love??” jessica simpson is a talented actress? nick carter is a role model? seriously????