Grrr Friend: What’s On TV Tonight?

Well, it’s about time Ben’s girlfriend got revenge on him for all that remote-hogging.

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    • glow

      I’m always excited every Thursday to see the new Grrr Friend! It’s humorous, relatable, light and portrays real life relationships very well. Keep them coming!

    • meh

      I’ve read the other Grr Friend comics and I just don’t get it. The girlfriend looks like a Ren and Stimpy rip off at worst, a newborn gerbil at best. How is this a positive reflection of the real life Girlfriend? The Stimpy gerbil’s dialogue is really flat. Overall this “comic” is just boring and misogynist. If Ben can convince his girlfriend to stay with him despite this, perhaps he’s also suave enough to convince his old job to take him back.

      • Ben

        Tough crowd…

      • ilovelamp

        What kind of messed up scale has a Ren and Stimpy rip-off on one end and a newborn gerbil on the other? At any rate, I think these are hysterical.

      • elderlypornstar

        Wow. The drawing is not an accurate rendition…It’s a cartoon! Sounds like SOMEONE is defensive about her love of teeny-bopper TV. MeeeOW!

    • elderlypornstar


      Very well done…could also work for Gossip Girl, 90210, and many many others.

    • johnnycomelately

      Ben, You be trippin’.

    • Cory

      I love these!!!!!!! And my boyfriend always laughs & says they’re pretty accurate!

    • RumbleFiche

      Keep them coming, indeed… since everyone’s a critic here, personally, I’d like to see the other side of it… how does she react when he does things she doesn’t understand?