Gallery: What Are Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Books?

Oh, yours is Chaucer because The Canterbury Tales is really “so funny it feels like light reading”? Bullshit. You say stuff like that, and we all know it’s totally Summer Sisters. Here are our favorites:

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    • Jillian Engel

      Sweet Valley High! CAN’T wait for the movie!!

    • Cori

      World War Z is not a guilty pleasure. It is something you should carry around to show off with pride because it’s an A-MAZ-ING book!

    • Eileen

      Secret Diary of a Call Girl – yes, it’s a book as well as a TV show.

      Also, when I was younger, the VC Andrews novels – at least the ones written under her name after her death. Flowers in the Attic was a little too much for me. And My Sweet Audrina made me claustrophobic.

    • SugarBlind

      Aside from being a super historical fiction author, Diana Gabaldon is a really freaking kind person. She sent my mother some bookplates, per Mom’s request, that unfortunately didn’t arrive until after Mom died sort of unexpectedly. I emailed to let Ms. Gabaldon know that we appreciated her kindness, and she took the time out of her busy schedule to respond to me personally. She even related to me about how it feels to lose a mother. I’m not in the least guilty about loving the Outlander series. It’s wonderful literature written by a genuinely decent person. Can’t beat that.

    • brooke

      Love Story. Hands down. I’ve even read the sequel.

    • Lindsay

      Um… I can’t believe it’s not on the list, but anything from Nora Roberts. In between serious reads, I’ll throw in a Roberts book. They’re quick, fun and normally have some pretty strong women. The woman has wrote hundreds of books and I have a hard time finding out I haven’t read.