What Does This Goth Look Mean?!

I have two questions about this goth-inspired look from the Yohji Yamamoto fashion show.

1. Does this mean the beginning of retro 90′s?

2. How do you feel about it?

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    • Alanna

      1) I’d say the retro 90s thing has been going on for a bit, with all the floral dresses and plaid and whatnot. But in short, yes.
      2) I am stoked!

    • Cori

      I just said the yesterday that I wished 90s style would come back so I could be comfortable again, so yes!

    • missy

      works for me, i figured it would make an appearance pretty soon with all the black fingernails and motorcycle boots last year.

    • nolalola27

      1. Probably
      2. That outfit is HORRIBLE. There are plenty of things I’d LOVE to see come back from the 90′s (I still have a leather jacket, floral skirt, & combat boots and I’ve been waiting), but that isn’t even good, cute goth. Attractive goth, think Death from Sandman or The Craft.