Random Photo: Best Anna Wintour Picture Ever

This photo of Anna Wintour from Nina Ricci’s show may well best the best picture of Anna Wintour ever taken. If only we knew what she was trying to communicate. Feel free to submit any thoughts you have on that in the comments. – Racked

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    • nolalola27

      “There was a sticky moose! It was a moose all full of juice!” (This is a song from camp. I completely understand if no one else understands this, but I am so delighted to now have a running gif in my head of Anna Wintour doing “Sticky Moose,” I will play it all through traffic home today.)

    • Erin

      I do in fact know the moose song (he drank his juice with care, but he spilled it in his hair) so the other commenter not totally alone there :) but I personally believe Anna is trying desperately to communicate that she is a normal, maybe lovably kooky,human being and not the monster we all so fervently believe her to be.

    • carrie

      I know understand why she wears sunglasses all the time. Moisturize, Anna! Moisturize!

    • cozy robot

      I was thinking of a moose as well. I think she’s trying to communicate that antlers are going to be very big in 2011.