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I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I feel ill-prepared to make personal finance decisions for myself. Budgets, 401k plans and the importance of savings accounts weren’t really part of my education at any point, and since I was thrust into the “real world” five years ago, my knowledge of these subjects hasn’t gotten any more extensive. Part of this is my fault, for not educating myself on these very important topics. So when I hear about websites like LearnVest and American Express’s new online publication Currency, which aim to educate and inform women in their 20′s and 30′s about personal finance, I know there are resources I can turn to when I want to learn more about investing, paying off my credit card debt or negotiating a raise — among other things.

Currency is the latest site to enter this much-needed market, and it helpfully gives advice in three categories: Big Decisions, Planning & Savings, and Spending. More than 25 personal finance writers are contributing to Currency, including New York Times writer Matt Gross and Manisha Thakor, CFA and co-author of On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance and Get Financially Naked.

iPadAnd, to celebrate the launch of Currency, we want to give one lucky fan of The Gloss on Facebook an Apple iPad with a leather case featuring the Currency logo, an over $500 value.

In order to enter to win, you have to tell us what you can learn about personal finance from Currency. You must first become a fan of The Gloss on Facebook. If you’re already a fan, you can skip to step two. If not, click here and hit the “Like” button. Then, head over to and check out the site. When you find an article that you can relate to or that you find informative, leave a comment here, or on our Facebook page, with a link to the story, and you’ll be entered to win this amazing prize. You will have until Sunday, October 10 at 5 p.m. EST to enter to win. One entry per Facebook fan. No purchase necessary.

One winner will be selected at random from the entrants, and notified via Facebook message on Monday October 11. You must have a U.S. mailing address to be eligible to enter (no P.O. boxes). Become a fan of The Gloss on Facebook today to be automatically entered to win more giveaways like this in the future.

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      I don’t think I’m eligible… but I want one really bad!

    • Jessica M.

      I really love this article because I live in New York, where the temptation to eat every meal out is as high as the prices at those trendy restaurants. I like the tip about small plates, because you still get to go to cute tapas bars!

    • CurlySarah29

      I posted on FB, but thought I’d do it here too… – I really liked the budgetting article. I recently started a savings account and never had realized the importance of having one. I also want to start a vacation savings account – several friends do that and it seems like a good idea.

    • Erin
    • Alessa

      I love my food, so this article really helped steer me in the direction where I can eat gourmet, but not have to pay out the rear for eating well:

    • Claire This article is great for me, as I’ve really been trying to get my credit under control and barely understand how it all works in the first place!

    • Emma A

      This was seriously amazing. I have spend my 20′s so far (I’m 25) worrying about paying school/credit/fashion debt and skipping around to different jobs and haven’t really thought (at all) about retirement. The other day I was talking to my very responsible friend (same age) who said her and her hubby have 35K saved and don’t know where to put it. I almost spit out my gulp of 5 dollar red wine. 35K!? I need to save NOW. This article helped outline that.

    • jess cota

      i love taking pictures, and writing my dorky blog. friends and family have mentioned that i should consider doing one or both in some sort of money making fashion. so the article on turning a hobby into a business was right up my alley! :)

    • Cindy Champion

      I read the article on “Saturday Night In.” Such a great idea to host your own party with friends instead of going out for drinks. A night out drinking easily costs me and and my hubby around a hundred bucks, something we really cant afford right now. I’m going to call up some friends and see about a party with drink at my house this weekend!

    • Caroline Patton

      I really enjoyed this article:
      Anything with the words “New York”, “Chicago”, AND “Less than $80 a day” is the best article ever written. My dream is to one day walk the streets of New York or Chicago as a residence of the city. And there simply is nothing better than saving money when and where you can. It’s much easier in theory than in actual execution. Therefore, I love articles like these that give you clear, concrete ways to do so. I’ve already read three really good articles, and registered on the website. Here’s to an abundance of financing education!

    • Chelsey Smith

      Homemade Cocktails, at a Great Price is such a great article — it seems so obvious but it is not done enough.
      Hosting a drinks in date / gathering can be super cute and tons of fun without being a financial burden.
      Get creative, and sip and socialize in the comfort of your home!

    • Amy

      Glad to get this info!! Money is always tight, but I’m a foodie!

    • *jen

      I have to say, though I’m well-past roommate situations (do hubby and kids count?) I thought the 6 Roommate Nightmares and How to Solve Them article was well-done. It could have saved me quite a few headaches. I count 4 situations there that happened to me. Good luck, young roommates. ;)

    • Ashley
    • Brittany

      First off, thank you so very much for the giveaway! ♥ I really want an iPad but seriously cannot afford one right now.

      The article above I found very informative. I purchase things online a lot and although I have never had anything this serious happen to me yet, I’ve had a few times that I’ve wanted to complain, mostly due to broken items, etc. I just never felt like complaining since I always doubt that the company will listen to me or even respond back. I never thought about contacting corporate or the BBB though, so this article will really come in handy if a delivery ever goes wrong for me.

      I also really like the article above, even though it’s a bit similar to the other one I listed. I haven’t, but a few family members of mine have been ripped off at times, although luckily the companies refunded them from just a simple phone call. This article would’ve been really helpful for them if the companies had been stubborn or if they didn’t know how to go about getting refunded, and once again, will come in handy in case anything happens to me or a family member.

      One more article, hehe. The article above is incredibly helpful for me. I have been a victim of fakes before and got so annoyed about it. This article really helps me figure out counterfeit items.

      Once again, thanks so much for the giveaway! It’s really nice of you guys to give out an iPad.

    • Debbie Bellows

      i shared this article with my daughter who is supposed to graduate in May from college.

    • Trin

      Like on Facebook AllTheWiser
      I liked
      Brought up somethings I hadn’t considered.

    • Helena

      Wow, I love this article because I’ve been in a situation Identical to this one, and can definately use this in the future. I feel like things like this happen to me quite often sometimes i get my refund/compensated sometimes I dont. But i feel like with these guide lines and tips next time I will absolutely get what I want. Thanks SO much. VERY informative site.

      && Thank you for doing this giveaway. The REAL fans of your websites really appreciate these giveaways. Esp ones on tight budgets. =]


    • Susan R

      I’m in the process of buying a new car and found this article to be especially helpful. There were quite a few suggestions that I hadn’t known that I will now be putting to work. Thanks!

    • Alexandra

      The article I could relate to is

      Wow, I’m considering myself lucky because I think I was almost a victim to one of these “resort” scams. Luckily, I lost the paperwork that I needed to reserve my spot for this “all-inclusive vacation (besides airfare and food, not surprised!),” and I wasn’t able to sign up in time.Back then (this was about 2 years ago), I was really disappointed, but reading this article made me realize how bad of a situation I could have got myself into! Crazy! :)