Fashion Vocabulary: Toasted Leg Syndrome

via CBS

According to CBS, there is a new word for when your legs get too hot because you are balancing a laptop on them: toasted leg syndrome.  How dare you laugh!  It is a serious condition and it has already affected ten people in the entire world in the last three years!  According to reports, toasted leg syndrome is defined as “an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure.”  It can also be caused by heating pads and other seemingly harmless heating devices.  In rare cases, it can cause permanent darkening of the skin and even cause damage leading to skin cancer.  Make sure to use a laptop desk or another kind of heat-absorbing shield when working on your laptop.  Problem solved… but unfortunately for those afflicted, toasted leg syndrome is here to stay.

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    • Ellen W.

      Wow- I had no idea this condition was a big deal. I get it all the time (not everyday but enough that it isn’t a surpise). I wear dark-wash 2% spandex jeans and they get really, really hot in direct sunlight. I always thought the horrible burning feeling was enough to not want this, but possible skin cancer is pretty darn serious.

    • tiffany bonnell o’keefe

      jam with those legs?