If You’re a Feminist and/or Like Making Fun of Feminists, Click Here

Vag Mag, a new web comedy series, is doing what you love — making fun of women’s magazines, feminism, hipsters and just really weird girl stuff in general (a re-usable pad being sold on Etsy, for example). The series revolves around a group of women, who create the fictional hipster-feminist magazine, Vag Magazine, with their Etsy shop earnings. In addition to teasing girly-girl Meghan who just doesn’t understand that a sailor skirt is a feminist skirt, the characters are all hilarious depictions of stereotypical hipster feminists. Watch the trailers for Vag Mag below and see for yourself.

Vag Magazine Teaser 1 from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

Vag Magazine Teaser 2 from Vag Magazine on Vimeo.

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    • Benjamin Ragheb

      A sailor *suit* is a feminist skirt. Say it out loud, so your brain can begin to process it.