Gallery: How to Dress Appropriately for Winter In Los Angeles

L.A. residents take a lot of heat for our tendency to wear winter clothes during the months that the temperature drops below 70 degrees. “It’s not even cold!” cries the rest of the country, as you dig yourselves out of 2-foot-tall snowbanks.

And in your world, that might be true. But in our world, 60 degrees is positively arctic, and we like to pretend that we have seasons, and so we bundle up. So if you plan to come out to visit in L.A. over the winter, here are some guidelines for dressing the wintry part without going overboard:

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    • Ouidad Blog

      I’ve found the trick with Los Angeles is to layer your clothes. It can start out cooler in the morning and by the afternoon you’re sitting on the beach in a T-Shirt.

      Katie for Ouidad

      • shesoverthere

        Try living in Phoenix…actually, don’t. Phoenix sucks. But, for those of us that HAVE to live here, sub-80 degrees mandate “winter” options. When I mean “winter”, I mean jeans and a long-sleeved tee, possibly paired with a cute scarf, and an even riskier choice? A hoodie. Oooh, the thought. (And by the way — OUIDAD products ROCK!!! Best thing ever for curly hair.)

    • outshined

      Don’t forget that Uggs are year round. I’m a snob, but I make wrinkly faces at the chicks who wear them with shorts in July. October? Knock yourself out.

    • Ouidad Blog


      LOL, you could try a tank top, skirt, and Ugg boots! @outshined is obviously “in” on the California fashion front… that’s Los Angeles fall or “warm winter” fashion.
      Yeah, ditch the hoodie and rock the curls instead. ;-)

      Glad you love Ouidad products! We also have a blog with tons of curly hair tips and articles.

      Katie for Ouidad

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