• Wed, Oct 6 2010

What Color Is Your Favorite Movie?

Nars’ new line of nail polishes are named after classic films like King Kong and Full Metal Jacket. So what color would our favorite movies be?

Clueless – that exact shade of yellow (minus the plaid) Cher wears at the beginning of the movie

Scarface – either blood red or cocaine white

Steel Magnolias – pink and pink

Gone With the Wind – green velvet

Star Wars – steel grey

The Devil Wears Prada – whatever color Anna says it’s going to be, because we do not question her

Heathers – Drano blue

The Color Purple – neon orange, obviously

The Client List – hot pink

Tell us your own movie/color pairings, and we’ll post a roundup of our favorites later this week.

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  • Cori

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s- satin black like her dress

  • Lauren

    Rebel Without A Cause – Dirty Tramp Red (Natalie Wood wears lipstick and her dad calls her a dirty tramp, and red of course, for James Dean’s jacket)

    When Harry Met Sally – Orgasmic Pastrami Sandwich maroon

    Cool Hand Luke – No Man Can Eat 50 Eggs shell white

  • audrey

    500 Days of Summer – the exact shade of Zooey Deschanel’s eyes

    Mean Girls – pink

    Inception – clearish pearl (it fucks with people’s heads) or better yet, just put some water in a nailpolish bottle

    Avatar – blue

    The Social Network – facebook blue

    Is there a twitter movie? And a myspace movie? Can there be a series of “internet site” colors? Twitter Blue, Myspace Blue, The Daily Beast Red, The Gloss Purple, Tumblr Blue, Yahoo Purple, AOL Blue, Porn Black, ect.

  • Lindsay

    American Psycho – Business Card Bone
    The Life Aquatic – Team Zissou Blue
    Lolita – Naked Nymphet
    Mullholland Drive – Amnesiac Black

    This is way too much fun.

  • llmorgan

    American Psycho – Business Card Bone
    Lolita – Nude Nymphet
    Mulholland Drive – Amnesiac Black
    The Life Aquatic – Team Zissou Blue

    This is way too much fun.

  • amelianixon

    Inception–I Dream of Green

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- Frye Ferrari Red

    Pulp Fiction–Royale Blue with Cheese

    Serendipity–Bloomingdale Black