You Don’t Need Facebook To Raise Awareness About Breast Cancer

So, I got this super cute note to help me raise awareness about breast cancer using only my facebook status:

About a year ago, we played the game about what color bra you were wearing at the moment? The purpose was to increase awareness of October Breast Cancer Awareness month. It was a tremendous success and we had men wondering for days what was with the colors and it made it to the news.

This year’s game has to do with your handbag/purse, where we put our handbag the moment we get home for example “I like it on the couch”, “kitchen counter”, “the dresser” well you get the idea. Just put your answer as your status with nothing more than that and cut and paste this message and forward to all your FB female friends to their in-box. It doesn’t have to be suggestive. I’m going for the vague “I like it on the kitchen table”.

The bra game made it to the news. Let’s see how powerful we women really are!!! REMEMBER – DO NOT PUT YOUR ANSWER AS A REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE – PUT IT IN YOUR STATUS!!! PASS THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW

And oh my God, guys will think you’re talking about where you like to fuck! The kitchen table! Tee-hee, so hot! Let’s all go get cosmopolitans!

Break me a fucking give.

Because breast cancer? It’s not something that should be treated as a game.

And it’s really not sexy. You want to see how sexy it is? Here’s a picture of a woman after a mastectomy. Oh my God, tee-hee, I like it with skin grafts!

Breast cancer isn’t cute, no matter how much pink crap they make to go along with it. It’s a horrible, gross way to die.  It’s not just a woman’s issue, because it affects men, too. It doesn’t need to be turned into a girl power thing, because it touches everyone. And it has absolutely nothing to do with your purse.

Sure, that status update will turn your male friends on and seem hot, but you’re not really raising that much awareness about breast cancer by sounding like a nymphomaniac. You want a status update about it? Try this: Breast cancer. It’s going to kill someone you know.

Because, odds are, it is. Hope it isn’t someone you like very much! That would make stuff like this seem, OMG, so not cute.

And in conclusion, I like it in the ass, which is where shit like this belongs.

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    • Nicole

      THANK YOU.

    • Eileen

      At least the bra thing was tangentially related to breasts. This is just stupid.

    • Amanda

      wow… that’s a lot of anger over some facebook trend…

      • nolalola27

        It’s not like she’s mad at trending about Biebus or some viral video from Alabama. She’s rightfully pissed off that they’re treating breast cancer like a precious, coy, flirty discussion topic. Not only that, but at least the bra thing was related to breasts – the purse? Something I keep my crap in.

    • Eve

      Hear, hear. A friend of mine, last year, put it very well. This was in response to all these comments about “Save the boobies!” I’m paraphrasing, but she said something like: This is not about boobies, this is about people. This is about your mothers, sisters, friends, dying.
      And, as you pointed out, men get it too. Losing your breasts is bad enough, but that’s far from the worst that can happen, and it’s infuriating to see people acting like that’s all it is.

    • Emily

      Hear, hear. I’ve always thought that “raising awareness” about things like this was stupid. Everyone is aware, we need to make them do something. Besides, how can it raise awareness when it doesn’t even mention the disease?

      Although, all these blogs and news stories denouncing the trend are kind of accomplishing what the trend was trying to do. Interesting.

    • Beth

      I remember the bra thing… but the message I got about it made it seem like it was just for fun, you know, lets trick all the boys! No one mentioned that it was about breast cancer. I didn’t know until I just read about it now… shows how well that “awareness” campaign worked..

    • Marissa

      i’m all for raising awareness on early detection and prevention. and while I’d never say there’s such thing as too much promotion of a charitable cause, i can’t help but think the campaign has surpassed the real cause.

      • Lisa

        I agree with you completely! I live a really “clean” life- no parabens, and toxin- free cosmetic products, everything I use natural and organic when possible, I only wear renewable organic fibres, eat organic, etc. One of the reasons I do all this is because all of these toxins we breathe in on the daily are bad for us! It seems like people are getting cancer a lot more often these days, and part of it HAS to be that the world is so toxic, even our breast milk is toxic (the goods still outway the bads though for breast feeding, btw).

        Sorry to go off on a tangent- but I believe that many of the women who are helping “bring awareness” aren’t LIVING it. They aren’t questioning why are more women getting breast cancer, and what can I do in my life to help.

        We need to go deeper. Awareness is only the first step. What can we do should be the next.

    • CurlySarah29

      While I’m all for raising awareness, when something like this fb game is done – it’s stupid. You’re not supposed to let guys in on the secret… If I’m raising awareness, I’m not going to exclude an entire gender from what I want people to know about. And also – rather than doing something silly like post stuff like this, why don’t these people go out and VOLUNTEER at an event that ACTUALLY raises awareness?

    • Sandra

      I went through radiation for Breast Cancer 3 years ago, and although it was caught quite early (stage I), it was still one of the most challenging times of my life. Though I appreciate the emphasis on the seriousness of Breast Cancer in this article, I think the writer is completely off base and a little self righteous. Sure, the status update is a bit silly but to berate people for promoting Breast cancer awareness (regardless of their motivation) is completely counter productive. I was very lucky to have found my cancer during my first-ever mammogram but others aren’t as aware of how important it is to get checked. If a quick google search brought on by a little curiosity over a status update does the trick, then all the power to them, because those silly girls may have saved a life.

    • boshankles

      You gotta relax, this meme has already served the purpose of raising awareness

      You insult everyones intelligence by assuming they treat is as a joke because of the medium of the message.

    • Lauryn

      Well… the facebook status thing this year was about our power as women, not about breast cancer. Pull your purse and the stick out of your ass and don’t insult our intelligence.

    • Beth

      For. Real. I couldn’t agree more. It’s not cute or sexy; it’s a very serious issue. The sad thing is, most women who post those kinds of status updates couldn’t care less about cancer.

      • Michelle

        Just so you know, my family all did this and as much as it may not say “be aware” doesn’t give you the right to play that card. I know more about cancer than most 21 year olds in this entire world as I have watched my grandfather suffer for 20+ years, have seen my cousin lose her hair, have sat with my brother during radiation…. you wanna re-think what you say?

        Everyone cares, they just don’t all understand!

    • lovemyboobs

      you need to relax…… and the cursing doesn’t make your point stronger. it just makes you seem like someone on their soap box who thinks they are better than those who set their statuses accordingly simply because you didn’t. I’m pretty positive everyone knows cancer is serious. Your 500 word angry article didn’t make me anymore aware of breast cancer’s severity than peoples’ fb statuses.

      • Justin

        Well put. The phony outrage, poor writing and weak punchlines all point to the author being a total cunt.

      • Lindsay Hartman

        Justin, I find it funny that you support a comment stating the need to relax. Because obviously, even if you disagree with the writer’s opinion, you seem to have taken things too far. Calm down. Consider the fact that not everyone agrees with you and that doesn’t make them a cunt. It just means they have a different opinion. Seriously, you must be a peach to get in a political argument with…

    • Justin

      So your bad jokes throughout are totally acceptable but this is in bad taste? Shut up! “Break me a fuckin’ give” ” Oh my God, tee-hee, I like it with skin grafts!”

      Your angle is fucking terrible. How about the fact that virtually everyone is aware of the existence of breast cancer?

      Fuck you.

    • Justin

      “And in conclusion, I like it in the ass, which is where shit like this belongs.”

      Oh you devilish whore! Shit doesn’t belong in the ass, it merely passes through it when going into the toilet.

      I have an aunt who died of breast cancer and a mother who survived it. Your arguments suck.

      PS: I agree that this is a dumb internet meme, but your article is so bad I feel more rage towards it than the dumb woman clogging my news feed.

      • agreeswithjustin


    • Minivet

      Wow. Two or three women FB friends posted something like this, and I had no idea what they meant by it – it seemed like a completely random bit of suggestiveness. Was the idea that I would comment “I’ll bet you do, hur hur” and we would have a Teachable Moment? Because I didn’t, and I didn’t learn until the links to this and similar posts started popping up.

    • Jenny Nylon

      I love this article, and even more than that I love all the butthurt comments from people who are angry at you for calling them out. No one is saving lives by playing a secret Facebook status game. Facebook statuses do not detect breast cancer, mammograms do.

    • Amy

      I agree with you! This trend is just phony awareness. I’m not sure why all these commenters are hating on your opinion. I’m posting this article in my status on FB.

    • sherry

      As a five year (and counting!) breast cancer survivor…I can tell you that “game” made me laugh. Breast cancer, as you said, is not a game. It’s a serious opponent. However…being able to laugh and find joy with my children during the worst of my experience has been a God given gift. So…if anything helps to raise awareness and it makes people laugh…I’m all for it. What I can’t stand is the pinking of October…companies and corporations that will make a donation of the sales of their products to research. Right. They give a negligible amount and all they want to do is prey on women’s fears…I’m cool with the game on facebook…who is it hurting?

    • Elle

      Can someone actually explain what the fuck is the point of this? So far I see a lot of idiots defending the game yet it still has nothing to do with cancer at all. I’ve seen some friends on my newsfeed doing it, and they’re just happy they get to act all provocative and get attention from horny guys who have no idea nor care what the intent behind it is.

      • Lauryn

        That is an incredibly unfair accusation to make… that our only purpose was to “get attention from horny guys.” Really? It’s not about objectifying women but empowering them… If it really offends you maybe you should de-friend the people who participated. Or perhaps, learn not to judge so quickly.

      • Elle

        Thank you for proving my point Lauryn. You just got defensive and didn’t explain how this empowers women or raises awareness about breast cancer. You fail.

      • Lauryn

        Better to be defensive rather than to be a prudish, judgemental bitch. And no, I don’t feel the need to humor you by explaining myself because frankly you’re not worth it. Have a sense of humor… and work on your unjustified self-righteousness.

      • Elle

        Yay, ad hominem attacks! You are a dumb cunt who can’t back up this game because it literally has shit-all to do with breast cancer awareness. But don’t worry, I’ll make sure you send you a purse when you get breast cancer, because apparently purses can make anything better!

    • Evan

      I’m all for awareness and agree with everyone’s comments here. However, i feel a better ‘game’ could have been more effective. i think that the fact that i had to google “i like it on” to find out what was going on, to be ridiculous. Something that is supposed to create awareness should be somewhat easy to figure out. At least when women were posting the color of their bra i was thinking about breasts. There was a clear connection between that and breast cancer. The connection between where you like to put your purse while implying where you like to have sex, is not so clear. the whole “dont tell the guys” thing is bullshit. because believe it or not, guys can get breast cancer too. Also, guys are affected by breast cancer everyday too when their mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, aunt or friend is diagnosed.

      The ‘i like it on’ just seems like someones idea to catch their fifteen minutes of fame while pretending to appear as a sexual active. But i guess its ok, they are only talking about purses and not the real issue at hand, or breast.

    • Samantha

      First of all, do you honestly think people believe that breast cancer is silly, sexy, and a game? That is an idiotic argument to make and brings no validity to the premise of your argument.

      And how would you prefer everyone to raise awareness? Oakley has a special edition of breast cancer awareness sunglasses that are $170, where only $20 of each sale goes to the Young Survival Coalition. Sure, it must be a neat feeling for those young women to have Oakley as a sponsor, but only a fraction of a high-priced item that hardly anyone will purchase goes to the cause? Even if they sold 10,000 of those, which they very well could, that’s only $200,000 that goes to the YSC. That could cover (maybe) one woman’s surgery? And yet, Oakley would have made $1.5 million from that deal.

      So, is something as harmless as a Facebook status really going to bother you that much? Perhaps you should focus on the real games that are being played out there rather than ranting on about a Facebook status. Yes, it may be silly to most but it is a way to raise awareness that is not tangible and doesn’t require a ridiculous amount of money to participate in. If you have a better idea on how to remind everyone on your friends list that it is breast cancer awareness month, then how about you create your own message to spread the word instead of wasting your time and energy on complaining about someone else’s.

      Personally, I would rather see someone post a link to their favorite organization and I’d make a direct donation to them, rather than see a company get rich off of an organization’s cause.

    • Kim Kernan

      I’m all about people expressing their opinions but I think this is quite rude. I posted my status yesterday about where I like my purse. Yep I sure did. Do I think breast cancer is silly? No. My patient yesterday was an 85 year old woman with stage 4 breast cancer and mets to her lungs, liver, and lymph and she’d had a right mastectomy. No I don’t think breast cancer is cute, or silly, or sexy. I’ve seen and taken care of someone with it. So before you judge people for putting something in their statuses, maybe you should consider what they’ve seen and experienced and that maybe, just MAYBE, doing little things like this make easier for people to handle? If this is what people want to do to get conversations started (because THAT is what the point of these statuses are- conversation starters about a serious topic), then let them do it. Is it really hurting you? Or anyone else? I doubt it.

    • Elle

      You know how I helped? I posted a link to some info that let guys know that they too can get breast cancer, and 3 different guys commented on my status telling me they had no idea, and thanking me for the info. That’s how you fucking raise awareness, by actually TELLING PEOPLE about it. Playing some dumb little secretive game is the exact opposite of awareness. God, I wasn’t even annoyed with this until I saw dummies trying to defend this project.

    • Jenny

      Little late on this one. You know how I helped? I donated breast tissue to the ONLY healthy breast tissue bank in the world. I did it twice. Fortunately, the bank is only five 10 minutes away from my apartment here in Indianapolis, but there are likely other programs that require bits of your body and go to do a hell of a lot in research.

    • Leanna Smith

      So my step mother recently went through and survived breast cancer and a good friens of my family as well as a member of my boyfriends family is going through treatment right now. and I have seen this “silly awarnes” posted in there status. you know why? because its makes someone feel better to know that there are people out there that are thinking about it and it there minds you are thinking about them. isnt that what this is for? you can donate as much money as you want and you can post links left right and center about breast cancer, but my biggest reward is seeing the smile on my mothers face when she see’s “these silly little game” on facebook. and you are also contradicting if you had to google ‘I like it on’ to figure out what somthing was on facebook isnt that awareness? you looked it up and now you are aware of what it is for. now i am not a doctor and i am not the smartest person in the world but I do have compassion and I do know that anything counts when someone is going through somthing so serious and this article really offended me. If you dont like whats happening quit bitching about it and go do somthing to help in a way you like. thank you

    • Leanna Smith

      and have seen* sorry I was worked up while writing this

    • Leanna Smith

      You want a status update about it? Try this: Breast cancer. It’s going to kill someone you know.

      Because, odds are, it is. Hope it isn’t someone you like very much! That would make stuff like this seem, OMG, so not cute.

      It was my family that went through it and people really close to me are still going through it and no its not so f*cking cute but you are a cold hearted b!tch and that is the only awareness I am getting from this article, you probably know nothing about the cancer and nothing about how much it affects a familys whole struture and happieness and i cant stop going on because this is truly and offence article

    • Serenity Owl Dilsworth

      If you are not part of the solution for ‘raising breast cancer awareness’, then you are part of the problem. Cancer isn’t cute – cancer kills – and destroys lives. If you don’t want it in your face book status, all well and good, no harm, no foul. Don’t disrespect the women who think they are doing something for the good of raising awareness.

      One of the ladies I know saw this as pandering to men. I didn’t see it that way myself. But that’s just me. I also doubt anyone will see 15 minutes of fame through this.

    • Krissy

      I agree with Evan. I think the idea is good at heart. But, I am a female and had no idea what was going on until I got 5 facebook messages in one day telling me to talk about where I put my purse. And then I was just annoyed at the spam. I would rather get 5 messages talking about the facts and the dangers and the seriousness of it all. I also agree that where I put my purse has absolutely nothing to do with breast cancer. I do think the bra colors were clever, but in the end we need to quit relying on facebook so much and get out there and talk to people about what’s going on in the world. Its more personable and more effective, and it doesn’t feel like spam.

    • Reagan Lauren

      Great read! I’ve been waiting for someone to share these same sentiments— sleazy, cheesy sexual innuendo is no way to raise awareness about cancer.

    • Andrew

      I agree with Ms. Wright. If you want to raise awareness, awesome, but this just makes you look like a ho bag. The bra colors made waaaaayyyyy more sense than this purse thing, anyway. How many women didn’t do this because they didn’t want to send the wrong message to their friends/family who may not be in on the “game”? Last year, almost all of my female friends posted their bra color. This year, two of my friends participated in this. Not a success, if you ask me.

    • Leah

      Wow, this might be the nastiest comment thread I’ve ever seen on the Gloss! Sheesh!

      • Jennifer Wright

        This comment thread just makes me huddle under a snuggie and drink vodka and cry.

    • K Green

      Thank you thank you thank you. This article has made me finally feel there is finally a person out there who gets it. My mother passed away from breast cancer exactly two months ago today and getting that facebook message asking me to tell people “where I like it” made me sick. And you know what? It did hurt me. It only made me think about how people just don’t understand what a gruesome and painful disease breast cancer is. Breast cancer is not a joke, or a cute status, or something to be taken lightly. And maybe I take it too seriously but just remember…my mother will never see me graduate college, get a job, get married, have children, or begin a real life. And your stupid status is doing nothing to raise awareness about the disease that took her.

      • Rebecca

        I’m very sorry for your loss. I’ve never even been directly effected by breast cancer, but I do understand how scary cancer is having essentially gone through the same treatments with my brain tumor. And it’s nothing to joke about. It scars you so deep when you are faced with that kind of mortality and I think making up a silly little game in the name of awareness is insulting to anyone who went through that. I don’t think that the game by any means spreads awareness, and that’s the real kicker. If you want to have fun memes, that’s one thing, but don’t use the excuse that you’re raising awareness for breast cancer when the game has nothing to do with and doesn’t even mention the disease.

    • celeste

      funny, but one of my nearest and dearest friends is a breast cancer survivor and loved the status campaign. ive had so many people as me about it and just by spreading the word, they are a little more informed of the breast cancer awareness movement. everyone shows support in different ways. if you open one’s eyes one year, maybe next year they will feel more compelled to seek out opportunities to give money. as a public health professional, i understand how long it truly takes for people to becomes invested in an idea and campaign. stop knocking people down for not being so perfect in your eyes and let people do what they can.


      in other words, stop being so self-righteous.

      • Jorie

        I’m amazed you found a breast cancer patient/survivor that actually thinks this is working. I have talked to several, including my own mother who think this is a horrible way to raise awareness. Do me a favor and look at your status and anyone else’s status that has participated in this nonsense and tell me where the discussion about breast cancer is. The whole purpose of this thing is a secret. The only people who know whats going on are the people making the statuses. You want to do something to raise awareness? Encourage people you know to get a mammogram. Donate money to one of the cancer societies. Participate in an event, such as a Race for the Cure. If you go to church, ask your priest or pastor to make an announcement about breast cancer awareness. The person who wrote this is not being self-righteous. They are just smart enough to realize that ANY status on facebook is not going to do very much to raise awareness in the first place, but especially one that doesn’t even MENTION breast cancer. It saddens me that people think this funny, or worse, effective. There are countless things that people can do to raise awareness that will actually get the word out or raise money for research. Posting a sexual innuendo on your facebook status that almost all men and a good portion of women do not understand is NOT the best way, or even a smart way, to do that.

    • Rebeca

      I just want to say THANK YOU for saying this. I find these facebook memes entirely intolerable and I think they completely just miss the mark. The posts aren’t about raising awareness or breast cancer, it’s about a silly little meme and game that girls can play to be coy.

      I think if they actually had an ounce of interest to raise actual awareness they would post about, you guessed it, BREAST CANCER, not bra colors, or purses, or I’m sure it’ll be shoes next year. Post facts about breast cancer, or links to breast cancer organizations. But until you do, and every time I see what color bra your wearing or where your purse is, I’m sorry, but I will never take your intention for “Awareness” seriously.

      But no, it’s totally serious, I’ll just go raise awareness about my own personal history (and others like me) with epilepsy and brain tumors by speaking only about what kind of vegetables I like to eat.

    • Lauryn

      I lol’d. :) Go back to school you silly, uneducated, ignorant child. And also… People who swear in excess only do so because they are otherwise not smart enough to come up with a better adjective… YOU fail.

    • A guy

      When all is said and done, the goal of an awareness campaign is awareness. You have to market causes if you expect awareness and donations. If the only continuing awareness campaign was to plaster everything with photos of the physical damage it causes, it’s going to reach a saturation point quickly. I’m not making light of the situation at all.

      I’m wondering if the author of the article also went ballistic when she saw the “pink ribbon campaign” initiated? After all, how can wearing a pink ribbon truly address the issue? Now almost every cause has co-opted the ribbon campaign and you need a chart. It reached a saturation point and a new marketing strategy was needed.

      Reading some of the other responses posted here from those who’ve had to deal with the disease personally, the majority seem to think that it was light hearted not flippant nor malicious.

      For what it’s worth, the whole reason I even stumbled across this page was because I was Googling “I like it” to find out what the hell was going on. It raised my awareness, so I’d say it accomplished the mission.

    • Angie

      the game is not about breast cancer ~ it’s about building community. And, community is about supporting folks with breast cancer.

      • tj

        How can we build a community awareness, if we are leaving the men left in the dark? Hoping they will ask “why we like it” isn’t guarantee, because they are not sure of the intent, thus making it almost ineffective. I’ve seen blogs where male after male asked and the poster lead them on.

    • Jamie

      THANK YOU! Finally someone else wants to admit that posting where you place your purse after work (???) DOES NOT RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT ANYTHING. Except, of course, which window the burglar should hop through while you’re sleeping. I mean, honestly, what does this tell us about the terrible, heart-wrenching murderer that is breast cancer? NOTHING. Again, thank you.

    • Sarah

      The point of the status updates is to create awareness, which it has. These are the types of things that get covered by the news and talked about within our community. Even this article has created awareness, which is awesome. It’s too bad that some girls don’t know what the updates are about, but I’m sure the majority of them do. So go ahead and hate all the updates and the “nymphomaniacs,” because all it’s doing is creating more awareness for breast cancer. How about recomending every girl to post a link on their facebook for people to be able to donate online. Here’s one:

    • Lucy

      To raise awareness of any subject it’s good to keep refreshing the approach and this way it raises peoples curiosity as opposed to having it rammed in their face. Campaigns need to inspire not scare and it’s managed to get into the news alo…(tharr be more)ngside breast cancer information. Do you object to the moonwalk as it has frivolous nature? Had it occured to you how your post may be viewed by someone who has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer or is waiting for results of a lumpectomy or anyone who has lost someone to the disease? As breast cancer = a terrible death is not helpful approach and thankfully is no longer the case, many people manage to survive and give hope to others. And a post mastectomy photo is just a distinctly bad plan, imagine someone pre-surgery seeing that. The message needs to be, there can be and there is life after cancer. You didn’t put a link to how to donate in your post either. Next time please do think of the best way to share your opinons on these kind of subjects.

    • Eileen

      I’m just going to jump into the fray again and ask how many facebook-using people, honestly, are not “aware” of breast cancer? We’ve all heard of it. We all know it can kill us. We all know that it kills a lot of people. What we’re not necessarily aware of are how common it is, how to prevent it, when to get tested for it, where to seek treatment for it – or, as one commenter noted, that men can get it, too. I think the status thing is stupid, but if people were genuinely unaware of the disease it were about, I would see the point of the awareness – that people would google it or ask their friends and thus find out. But I don’t think it’s particularly helpful in the case of breast cancer, a disease that I think has progressed from the “awareness of its existence” stage into the “facts about the disease” stage.

      • Leah

        That was my thought! Everyone’s pretty hyped up on it “causing awareness”, but it seems you’d be hard put to find someone who wasn’t aware of breast cancer. And, as I think we have learned in this comment thread, it’s common enough that lots of people have first-hand experience with it. I agree – we should be more concerned with LEARNING about it.

    • Leanna Smith

      the whole point of it is to show you care and show that people know its around they support the cause its not nessesarly to tell people about the cancer. A lot of people dont know what it does and the different types of breast cancer there are and what the treatments are and a lot of people wont even know until someone they love goes through it, but is that nessesarly a bad thing. I think posting pictures as above and the horror stories about what it can do to you are pointless in creating awareness about it because its honestly just scary but showing a woman going through cemo right now a picture of a healthy woman who survived and realized how strong she was now and what she can do. now that it the magic behind creating awareness, and could really change someones life.

    • J

      “Breast cancer. It’s going to kill someone you know. Because, odds are, it is.”
      Please cite the source for this claim.

      • Jaime

        Do you know 4 people? Statistically speaking 1 of them will at least be diagnosed with breast cancer,

    • Josefiend

      I can sort of see the OP’s view on this – the meme’s, if kept ‘just between us girls’, is almost pointless, especially if the person posting their new status is already doing so in the knowledge that it is to raise awareness for ANY cause.

      However, slamming any person that is doing SOMETHING outside themselves, no matter how ineffective at first, is no way to encourage them to try to do better. Yes, I hate the spam as much as the next FB user; but if I was the kind of person that felt the need to address the issue in such a public forum, and in such a vehement manner as this article, I’d like to think I would maybe suggest ways to reach those who are trying to raise awareness for something like breast cancer that might be as fun, but also more effective.

      Hell, all it takes is for one person to add “Ask me why …” to things like the “I like it on” status games, and it could lead to a link to whatever cause you like, or donation pages, help groups, support groups…the possibilities are endless.

      Cancer IS scary enough, without people publicly showing such contempt for those who are trying, however oddly, to be supportive.

    • Dorvell

      You wanna know what’s even more sickening than this one? The one that’s been going around for the past few weeks! Basically, it says I’m (insert number of weeks) and craving (insert random food.) Ug! I have no problem with raising awareness for breast cancer (or any kind of cancer for that matter,) but is it really necessary for these women who post this stuff to make themselves look like either dirty whores, pregnant or both? I wonder what’s next?