10 Former ‘Real World’ Housemates Who Actually Did Something Notable

Tonight, one of the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures returns to TV – The Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Created mostly so that all those knuckleheads from MTV’s reality shows could earn money without having to mix with the general population, the show features former Real World and Road Rules ‘stars’ doing everything from running on treadmills while drinking gallons of milk to sitting on blocks of ice. However, there are a few people from Real Worlds of yore who have managed to rise above their reality roots and actually accomplish something with their lives. Let’s meet them, shall we?

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    • Nedman

      Didn’t “Mike” from Real World 10 back to New York end up as a Professional Wrestler who is featured on Sunday Night Raw…that seems somewhat Legit.
      Also how about a first runner up for “Ace” from Real World Paris for being selected (almost) as the last Cast Member of VH1′s “The Surreal Life” (He ended up not making hte cut because C.C. Deville hated him for choosing Guns N Roses as his favorite 80′s band…)

      • Lilit Marcus

        Yeah, I don’t know if pro wrestling is really “doing something notable,” but I did include a woman who was in the Dragonball Z movie, so there you go.

        And how did I not hear that Ace story? That is awesome. Did you hear that Mallory dumped him for David Blaine?

    • Victoria

      What’s wrong with Chris Hardwick? Haven’t you ever heard his stand up material or his podcast? He’s hilarious. Don’t hold the lameness of Singled Out against HIM is what you should be saying.

    • Lauren

      Thanks! I always wonder what happens to everyone if they don’t go on challenges. Notice how all the people on this list are the ones that didn’t create “the drama” in the house. Note to those people who go on the Real World; be the normal one and you can be successful after the show is finished!

      And I love that tidbit about Ace and Mallory, Lilit! That is AWESOME.

      • Lilit Marcus

        Added trivia bonus: after Mallory, Ace went out with Cameran from the San Diego season. She dumped him to go out with Olympic skier Jeremy Bloom, who is about eight kinds of hot.

        That said, poor Ace.

    • Chris W.

      You mentioned Pedro & Me, but Judd Winick’s also an extremely successful creator in the realm of “regular” comic books and graphic novels. (i.e. ones about superheroes & such)

    • CC

      What about Eric Nies? I realize that very few people probably remember MTV’s “The Grind” now, but he was kind of legitimately famous for a bit there.