8 Things I Really Miss About My Early 20s

Yesterday, Lilit wrote about 8 things she doesn’t miss about her early 20s. Listen up, kids: Lilit is lying to you (sort of). I love being out of my early 20s, but they were kind of a blast while they lasted. Here’s why:

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    • KatyFace

      Gawd. it’s like you read my mind-grapes!
      Getting older, man. It’s kinda surreal

    • G

      What is this mythical getting up at noon thing? I thought that rule ended when you turned 18. I guess that’s what I get for paying my way through college. Darn me and my repressed youth. 23 and a law student now. No way in hell I can get that perk back…and undergrad classes WERE fun.

    • F&C

      I’m 28 (working from home, mother of 8 y.o.) and get up at noon often. I always found it more comfortable to me to work at nights. am I a bad person?

      • Jennifer Wright

        Umm, no, that just means you win at everything.