• Lindsay Hartman

    I think you should type them all in Wing dings. Then we’ll all have to decode them. It will feel like a secret club.

  • Ellen W.

    The new logo looks like a soon-to-be-bankrupt software company. The old logo at least looked kind of like initials monogramed on something.

    • porkchop

      My first thought was that it looked like an announcement that they were turning into a more boring version of American Apparel (a la Gap/J Crew in the 90s), but failing software company is an even better call. Or maybe a temp agency. Or some boring company, where people say, “I work at —–” and you’re like, “What do they do?” and then you start kicking yourself because now you have to listen to the answer.

  • jimmy

    here we are five months later and still nobody has realized that gap actually did change their logo. They had the original logo, then the new logo everyone hated, and when they supposedly changed it back, they inserted a new logo that looks similar to the original logo. Look at the middle crossbars on the text.