Models Without Makeup? There’s An App For That

Models and actresses without makeup is, in the words of Hansel, so hot right now. But why bother making everyone take their makeup off when there’s an App for that? A Japanese iPhone app called “Suppin” (which roughly translates to “barefaced”) lets you see what some women look like without any makeup on. That doesn’t mean you can just take pictures of random people on the street and then do some sort of reverse Photoshop magic on them. The only people this works on are the 12 young women who agreed to be models for the app. So… you can see what 12 specific Japanese chicks look like without makeup, but nobody else.

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    • Jillian Engel

      What? iPhone apps are supposed to be usable. Why would you purchase something (even if it’s free, is this one free? I didn’t check) that is literally just a photo album of random people?