Elisabeth Hasselbeck Isn’t Going Away

In surprising news, Elisabeth Hasselbeck not only continues to have a career, but it keeps getting better. Instead of being chased off the airwaves for being a moron, the voice of ‘Merica is going to start contributing to “Good Morning America.” According to Variety:

Hasselbeck will cover family and lifestyle issues for the morning show starting Monday…”GMA” exec producer Jim Murphy cited Hasselbeck’s “very distinctive style and unique perspective that fits well with the broadcast.”

Ah yes, her very distinctive style and unique perspective…that she’s been spoon fed by Glenn Beck. Oh well. I guess it wouldn’t be fun if everyone agreed with me. It’s just that we’d all be right.

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    • Soos

      Elizabeth Hasselbeck is one of the reasons I no longer watch television. At all.

    • Gloria

      Yeah whenever one of her View cohosts challenges her, she avoids the question and brings up another unrelated issue. I don’t mind differences of opinion, but she is definitely sounding like a broken record.