Poll: Do You Think These Kids Are Too Adult?

Australian clothing line Witchery Kids has been getting a lot of flack lately. Their newest kidswear lookbook features pictures of child models looking incredibly mature and sophisticated for their elementary ages. According to Racked, children charities, such as the UK-based Barnardos, are getting involved now too, calling the photos “offensive.” Barnardos representatives went on to say:

“The whole point of early childhood is to be joyous and free. Children as young as five are now going on diets, are worried about how they look, how they present — this just should not be an issue for children. It’s really sad that people are trying to redefine what early childhood means.”

Witchery Kids retaliated by saying their clothes are made to look adult, but for smaller people. Makes sense. There’s nothing wrong with the actual clothing. They make really cute kidswear! I personally think these people are over-reacting. I mean, look at that girl. She is so freaking cute. If I had a daughter, I’d want her to look just as cute. Actually scratch the whole having children thing. I’d rather go back in time and be that cute myself. She looks smart, fashionable and like she knows how to have a good time — on the playground, that is. Really, these photos are harmless. The mini models are not under-dressed and they aren’t actually doing anything “adult.” They just look really, really cool. And I want to be friends with them.

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    • Lindsay Hartman

      I think the point here is that young kids don’t need to look like someone you, a grown adult, want to hang out with. They don’t need to look like anything other than happy, healthy children. To be honest, this picture doesn’t offend me in any way. If that’s how someone chooses to dress their child, fine. I think people are getting worked up because, while the little girl is adorable, she doesn’t look particularly happy. She looks like she’s trying to be trendy. Which young children shouldn’t have to worry about. Basically, if you want your child to wear mini-trench coats, whatever. But no kid should feel like they can’t wear tutus or shirts with trucks on them for fear of being uncool.

    • Eileen

      Sometimes I think that adults romanticize childhood a bit too much. I would have loved to dress like this as a kid.

      As for “redefining” what childhood means, well, that’s only been going on for centuries. In fact, the very idea that children would have children’s clothes, rather than dressing more or less the same way that adults did, is relatively new.

    • Corporate Tool

      I don’t mind what kids are wearing, as long as they aren’t being sexualized. As this is not the case, if they want to wear little blazers with their striped tights and froggy boots, then fine.

    • Ellie

      hmm…i remember desperately wanting a skirt suit when i was growing up so i could look like my mother and be cool. That didn’t mean i wanted to go to work at an office all day or drink wine with dinner. Historically children just wore the clothing styles of adults after about 3 years old as well. So yeah…this is old fashioned ideals not crazy immoral stuff!